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Police Commission Minutes



January 8, 2024, at 16:00hrs.




A motion was presented to start with the open meeting of the Village of North Aurora Police Commission by Commissioner Jungels, and a second motion was made by Chairperson Hatchett; the meeting began at 16:02 hrs. – All in favor.



Commissioners present: Chairperson Lisa Hatchett, Commissioner Phil Jungles and Commissioner Brian Reid.


Old Business

  1. Approve meeting minutes from the 3rd Quarter 2023 open Police Commission meeting held on 12-Jul-2023. All present in favor.
  2. Approve meeting minutes from the 3rd Quarter 2023 open Police Commission meeting held on 03-Oct-2023. All present in favor.
  3. Approve meeting minutes from a Special 3rd Quarter closed Police Commission meeting held on 09-Oct-2023. All present in favor.
  4. Approve meeting minutes from the 4th Quarter 2023 open Police Commission meeting held on 05-Dec-2023. All present in favor.
  5. No other Old Business.


New Business

  1. The Commissioners elected the NAPD Commission leadership roles for 2024 with the following results:
    1. 2024 NAPD Police Commission Chairperson: Lisa Hatchett – All in favor.
    2. 2024 NAPD Police Commission Secretary: Brian Reid – All in favor.
    3. Phil Jungles will continue to take part as both a NAPD Commissioner and Chairperson Emeritus -All in favor.
  2. Patrol Officer Candidate Alex Mora-Marquez was cleared during his physical by the attending physician for employment considerations. A motion was presented to make a Conditional Offer of Employment by Chairperson Hatchett, this motion was seconded by Commissioner Jungels – All present in Favor to present Candidate Alex Mora-Marquez with a conditional offer of employment in person on 08-Jan-2024 at 17:00 hrs. by the attending NAPD Police Commissioners.
  3. The Commissioners have noted that on Monday 15-Jan-2024 NAPD Patrol Officer Candidates Kevin Blake, Michael Robinson and Alex Mora-Marquez will be officially sworn in at the NAPD Headquarters at 17:00hrs.
  4. Lateral Transfer Patrol Officer Candidate Scott Hogan has informed the Commission that he has withdrawn his name for further employment consideration.
  5. The Commissioners reviewed and discussed updates needed to the NAPD Patrol Officer Candidate EXCEL spreadsheet availability list. Chairperson Hatchet will address further.
  6. The Commissioners tentatively proposed 12-Jan-2024 to have a Special Open Meeting to review current and future NAPD staffing needs and the next steps in process for further recruitment, testing, and lateral transfers.
  7. No further New Business.



Chairperson Lisa Hatchett made a motioned to adjourn the open meeting; this motion was seconded for approval by Commissioner Jungles; all in favor – Motion Approved. The Open Meeting adjourned at 18:36 hrs.


Respectfully Submitted,

Commissioner Brian W. Reid/Secretary

North Aurora Police Commission

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