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Curbside Leaf Program

Bagged Leaf and Yard Waste Pick-up

Leaves can be placed in Kraft paper bags for pick-up and will not require a sticker, for the months of October and November. All other yard waste (brush, twigs, etc.) will require a sticker at all times. Bagged leaves and yard waste will be picked up by Groot on your regularly scheduled pick-up day until the end of November.  Yard waste pick-up ends the last week of November, and resumes in April. Any leaves and yard waste not put out for collection during this time, will need to be held until yard waste pick-up resumes in April.

Curbside Leaf Program

The Village of North Aurora offers a free leaf pickup service to residents. The leaf pickup program runs from mid-October through late November, and is provided to residents every other week. The collection alters weekly between East and West sides of town and upon program completion each side of town will have received 3 pickups. Note: Even though pickup begins on Monday at 7:00 a.m. all streets can not be serviced in one day. To ensure pickup during the designated east/west weeks please have your leaves out by 6:00 a.m. Monday of the specific week, to ensure pickup in case your street is serviced first. Please visit the calendar to view the current year’s program dates.

Please keep in mind

  • Pushing leaves into the street is a violation of ordinance 03-04-28-04, Section 12.06.010.
  • Leaves in the street get extremely slippery and crate a hazard for pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Leaves must be on the parkway by 6:00 a.m. on your designated Monday.
  • Leaf piles with vehicles parked in front of them will not be picked up
  • Avoid raking foreign material into leaf piles.
  • Inclement weather or a large volume of leaves could alter the schedule


  • Rake leaves onto the parkway (area behind the curb, gutter, or road edge).
  • Rake leaves in a row parallel to the street, on the parkway, at least 1 foot and no more than 5 feet back from the curb.
  • Keep leaf piles less than 2 feet in height.
  • Keep leaves away from ditches, pipes and culverts
  • LEAVES ONLY, no brush, branches, rocks, landscape waste

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the leaf piles kill my grass?
    No, it will not kill your grass, it may cause discolor. The grass will grow back in the spring.
  • Why can’t we put the leaves in the street?
    Leaves in the street get extremely slippery and create a hazard for pedestrians and vehicles. It also tends to block storm sewer grates and clog catch-basins.
  • What happens if I miss the curb-side pick up?
    If you miss curb side pick-up for your week, you can either wait for the next scheduled week, or if you miss the last week, you can bag the leaves and have them picked up by Groot on your regular pick-up day until the end of November (no stickers required through November)
  • When the program is canceled due to inclement weather, what do we do with the leaves?
    It is recommended that you apply the leaves to plants/trees/shrub beds as mulch or used the bagged leave collection program.
  • Where do I find a list of dates of the program?
    Visit the Calendar Here for each year’s program dates for the leaf program.
  • Where do we call if we want more information or have other questions?
    Call the Public Works Department at 630-897-1457.


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