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An Attentive Municipal Organization that Connects with Community, Commerce, and Nature.

Police and Citizens Together Program

The North Aurora Police Department proudly offers a community policing program that fosters resident participation in maintaining the quality of life within their communities. Our Police And Citizens Together (PACT) program is a cornerstone of our philosophy, emphasizing partnership with citizens to enhance and preserve the quality of life in the Village, aligning with community values.

Under the PACT program, officers are tasked with primary responsibility for collaborating with residents in specific areas to tackle neighborhood issues and problem-solving. These area officers maintain regular contact with residents, addressing emerging issues and ensuring residents’ needs are met. They can also organize meetings with resident groups to discuss police and crime activities, listen to neighborhood concerns, and offer crime prevention tips.

The North Aurora Police Department employs geographic policing to manage the PACT program. The Village is now divided into three geographical districts: District 1 (East Side), District 2 (Central), and District 3 (West Side). In addition to these, a non-geographical District 4 encompasses all of the town’s businesses and hotels. Each district is overseen by patrol sergeants who are responsible for the PACT officers and general problem-solving in their respective areas. See the PACT Map and corresponding officers below and download the PDF of the PACT map here.


How to Contact PACT

For assistance related to the PACT program or ongoing issues, residents are encouraged to contact their respective District. Please remember, in the event of a crime or incident in progress, dial 911 for emergencies or (630) 897-8705 for non-emergencies. Follow-up communication can be directed to your PACT officer or sergeant. See which district you are in via the map below.

███District 1   ███District 2   ███District███ District 4 (Businesses and Hotels)


███District 1: ███

  • Sgt. Ryan McKiness
  • Ofc Elijah Gomez
  • Ofc Jeffery Cook
  • Ofc Bryan Reyes
  • Ofc Fernando Ramirez

███District 2: ███

  • Sgt. Michael Robinson
  • Ofc Brad Brown
  • Ofc Daniel Stone
  • Ofc Adam Smolik-Valles
  • Ofc Mason Brant

███District 3: ███

  • Sgt. Kyle Jensen
  • Ofc Joseph Norris
  • Ofc Matthew Johnson
  • Ofc Cody Klingberg
  • Ofc James McGrath

███ District 4: (Businesses and Hotels) ███

  • Sgt. Mark Swoboda
  • Ofc Chris Joswick
  • Ofc Sean McCoy
  • Ofc Ethan Majerus
  • Ofc Matthew Nordstrom


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