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Filing A Police Report

Why report crimes?

We use the information you provide to track patterns of crime, to develop suspects based on geographic locations, and to direct our uniformed and plain clothes patrols. On occasion we have not been able to return recovered property to its rightful owners because no report had been filed. Always make a report. Reporting a crime generally only takes a few minutes of your time.

How do I file a police report?

North Aurora Police Department reporting link
If a crime is in progress or just occurred, call 911. If the crime already occurred, call our non-emergency number, (630) 897-8705, and ask for an officer to respond to your location. If it is more convenient, you can also come to the police station at any time and request an officer to help you.

The North Aurora Police Department also offers an online reporting option. Click the button for more details.

After I file a report with an officer, what happens?

Cases with leads are screened by the Investigations Sergeant and assigned for follow up on a priority basis. Crimes against persons, threats to the safety of persons, and crimes where valuable evidence may be lost without immediate attention, are assigned first. The number of reports coming into the department at the time your report is made and the seriousness of the offense being reported are the biggest determinants of when and if you will be contacted.

If you file a police report and there are no viable leads and no information regarding a possible suspect, the case will be placed in the inactive file. If any leads become known to the police department the case will be reopened and all leads will be thoroughly investigated.

Will I know what is going on with the case?

Yes. If enough information is available for a detective to follow up on, such as witness information, suspect information, or the whereabouts of stolen property, a detective may be in touch with you. Based on the particulars of the case, you will be told what actions the detective will be taking in the follow-up investigation. You can make inquiries with the detective or the detective supervisor to check on the status of an investigation if you have questions or concerns. The length of the investigation varies, depending on the complexity of the case and the number of leads involved. No matter what the circumstances, you can be assured that a thorough investigation will be conducted.

How do I get a copy of a police report?

If you would like a copy of a police report that was completed previously, come to the station and speak with a records specialist. Note that it generally takes about 1 business day after you spoke with an officer for the report to be processed and ready to copy. It may take additional time if your report was made over the weekend. Reports are generally available between the hours of 7am and 11pm, Monday thru Friday, except Holidays.

Accident reports cost $5 each and are generally available while you wait. All reports, other than accident reports, require a Freedom of Information Act request in order to potentially receive a copy, and take up to 5 business days.  Requests for information and/or records of this nature should be submitted on this Police Dept. FOIA Request Form (Word Document) and sent to the attention of the North Aurora Police Department F.O.I.A. Officers (Connie Lusk, Dan Cyko, Gabby Kramer)  at the North Aurora Police Department, 200 S. Lincolnway, North Aurora, IL 60542. Phone number: 630-897-8705 / Fax Number: 630-897-8700. The completed F.O.I.A. request form may also be submitted by e-mail to:

How do I get property held as evidence back?

Sometimes we must take custody of property for evidence purposes and we realize that this is sometimes an inconvenience to the owner but there are certain legal requirements that govern whether or not we can release your property. If your case is still open, contact the detective assigned to your case. If you don’t know who that is, contact the Investigations supervisor.

If your case is closed, contact one of our property custodians at (630) 897-8705. Normal hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 3:00 pm or by appointment.

Mailing Address:

200 S. Lincolnway
North Aurora, IL 60542

Phone Numbers:

Emergency: 911
Non-emergency: (630) 897-8705
Fax: (630) 897-8700

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