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Committee of the Whole Minutes

Monday, August 15, 2022

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Village Board meeting was conducted live remotely
via telecommunications.

Mayor Gaffino called the meeting to order.

In attendance: Mayor Mark Gaffino, Trustee Mark Carroll, Trustee Laura Curtis, Trustee Mark Guethle, Trustee Mike Lowery, Trustee Todd Niedzwiedz, Trustee Carolyn Salazar

Staff in attendance: Village Administrator Steve Bosco, Finance Director Jason Paprocki, Community & Economic Development Director Mike Toth, Village Attorney Edward Boula, Public Works Director John Laskowski, Police Chief Joe DeLeo, Deputy Chief of Police Scott Buziecki.



1. EMA Manual
Administrator Bosco introduced Deputy Police Chief Scott Buziecki who was presenting the new proposed policy manual for the North Aurora Emergency Management Agency.
Deputy Chief Buziecki stated that the Manual was similar to an employee manual. The manual provides guidance in the areas of Standards of Conduct and Performance, Application and Probation, Organization, Minimum Participation Requirements, Training Requirements, Vehicle Operators Competency and Operation Guidelines, Volunteer Service Awards Program, Personal Appearance Standards, Dress Code & Uniform Standards, Supervisory Personnel, Warning Lights and Audible Systems on Member Vehicles, Communications Equipment, and Assignment of Village Property.
Buziecki went through each topic and provided greater description.
• Standards of Conduct and Performance-
o This section sets basic expectations of members and are similar to professional workplaces and touches on
 Giving and executing orders
 Document maintenance
 Appearance
 Confidential information
 Workplace civility
 Alcoholic beverages, medications, tobacco use
 Sexual harassment
 Spending limits
 Computer use
• Application and Probation
o Requirements to apply
o Background check procedures
o Applicants with disabilities
o Divisions of the EMA
 Field Services
 Search & Rescue
 Community Outreach
 Training
o Probation period & Training requirements
o Oath of office-required by state statute
o EMA identification and access to the police station
o Ending probation
• Organization
o Field Services-all volunteers serve in this division
o Search & Rescue-attached to Kane County Search & Rescue team
o Community Outreach-all public education efforts, such as CERT training & disaster preparedness training
o Training division-internal training of members as well as training records
• Minimum Participation Requirements
o All members/division
 Minimum of 40 hours per year
• Process for dealing with members who fail to reach the minimum
o Field services
 Respond to two unplanned callouts
 Respond to two planned details
 Attend six of ten training classes
• Training Requirements
o All members
 CPR-every two years
 First Aid-every two years
o Field Services
 Traffic control-annually
 Weather spotter-every two years
 Damage assessment-every two years
 Power line safety-every two years
 Natural gas safety-every two years
 Haz-mat awareness-annually
 Blood borne pathogens-annually
 Attend at least six training classes per year
• Vehicle Operation
o Illinois driver’s license (with appropriate class)
o Proof of vehicle insurance to operate personal vehicle on Village business
o Emergency lights/siren may be used ONLY when operating NAEMA vehicles
o NAEMA vehicles used only for Village business
o Personal vehicles may only be used to get to or from an incident scene and may not be used for traffic control
o Reporting of accidents/injuries while on Village business
o Personal vehicle insurance required to drive members personal cars to/from incident scene
o Guidelines for statements made concerning motor vehicle accidents
o Lights/siren prohibited while driving to or from an incident scene, except with approval of a NAEMA supervisor or police officer
 When authorized, NAEMA vehicles may not exceed the speed limit, drive into oncoming traffic or proceed through a red light
o Drivers training requirements-developed by Illinois State Fire Marshal’s office
 Classroom, obstacle course & road closures
o Drivers training documentation requirements
o Agency vehicle response guidelines
 Circle of safety
 Emergency lights/siren used only at scene of incident
 Two members per vehicle wearing seatbelts
 Backing only with a spotter
o Personal vehicle response, may not:
 Exceed speed limit
 Go through traffic control devices
 Pass in an unsafe manner
• Volunteer Service Awards
o Volunteer appreciation certificate-40 hours per year
o President’s Volunteer Service Award
 Bronze-100-249 hours
 Silver-250-499 hours
 Gold-500 plus hours
o Lifesaving award
o Meritorious service-notable act of distinction
o IPEM Certification-Illinois Professional Emergency Manager Certificate
o PDS Award-Illinois Professional Development Series certificate
o U.S. Military Service Award-recognizes honorable military service
• Personal Appearance Standards
o Grooming standards in line with professional paramilitary organizations
o Limits on wearing jewelry
o No offensive tattoos or body art
o No mirrored, neon, or fluorescent sunglasses on duty
o Makeup limited to usual/customary for a business environment
• Dress Code/Uniform Standards
o Black belts, equipment pouches, socks, shoes
o Navy blue baseball cap
o Class “A” uniform-none at this time
o Class “B” uniform
 Light blue NAEMA polo shirt with logo & name embroidered
 Dark navy blue pants
 Yellow jackets
o Class “C” uniform
 Same as class “B” except navy blue NAEMA t-shirt worn in place of polo
• Supervisors
o Rank structure
 Coordinator
 Lead supervisor
 Supervisor
 Specialist in charge-acting supervisor
 Specialist-front line volunteer
o Supervisor chosen by coordinator based on qualifications
• Supervisor Training Requirements
o Supervisor
 60 hours per year
 Maintain severe weather spotter certificate
 Member for at least one year
 Demonstrate leadership ability
 Working knowledge of EMA and ICS system
 Independent study (online) courses
• Protecting your home or small business from disaster
• Community preparedness
• Basic EOC functions
o Lead supervisor-standards for supervisor plus the following:
 Member for at least two years
 12 training classes per year
 Complete the Illinois PDS within two years
 Familiar with all aspects of NAEMA
 Willing to teach classes
 Independent study (online) courses
• Anticipating hazardous weather & community risk
• Special event contingency planning
• Communications Equipment
o Specifies communication platforms & frequencies that volunteer members may utilize
• Assignment of Village property
o Members complete signed receipt when property is issued
o Procedures for loss/damage of NAEMA equipment

Mayor Gaffino asked when lights and sirens would be appropriate for the volunteers to utilize and if they receive training. Buziecki stated that nearly all responses would be no lights and sirens while moving through traffic but will use the lights on the scene. Lights and sirens may be used in rare cases of life threatening situations. The use of lights and sirens must be approved by a supervisor, they still must adhere to the speed limit and cannot proceed through red lights.
Trustees were complimentary of the policy manual.

2. Lateral Transfer of Police Officers Program

Police Chief Joe DeLeo spoke about the lateral transfer program that began in 2020 when most of the police academies were shut down due to Covid. At the time of the program’s initiation, there were very few departments in the area offering the program, however that has changed and the lateral transfer program has become common place.
DeLeo explained that the Village Administrator currently can authorize a lateral transfer police officer to start no higher than step four in the pay grade scale ($78,537) without Village Board approval. DeLeo stated that that salary is below local municipalities. He gave the example of an officer who came from Oak Lawn with ten years on the force and he took a $30.000 pay decrease to join the Village of North Aurora Police.
DeLeo stated that the department is looking for feedback from the Village Board on a change to the human recourse manual that would allow the Village Administrator ability to authorize lateral transfers anywhere within the current police officer pay scale depending on qualifications and years of service.
Trustee Curtis asked whether or not the officer in the example, from Oak Lawn would be able to request a pay increase with this change of policy. DeLeo said that if that issue arose it would be brought before the Board in Executive Session but the officer was aware of the pay situation when he accepted the position.
Trustee Guethle asked for clarification on how the pay would be determined in a transfer. DeLeo said that it would depend on various factors and not all time on police force is equal. He gave an example if there were an officer that worked for the city of Chicago and an officer that worked in a suburban department with the same number of years, they would not necessarily have the same type or amount of training due to the size of the departments. The officer’s personnel files would need to be assessed.
Trustee Guethle stated that he liked the idea.
Trustee Curtis asked when the police academy would open, and why should the Village take on seasoned officers when the Village has officers with experience and could hire new recruits at a lower pay scale. DeLeo explained that when a new (from the academy) officer joins the department, you have no reference as to what type of officer they will be. If the department hires a seasoned officer, they have a proven track record, they have personnel files with their previous departments. Mayor Gaffino pointed out that there is a cost involved with new recruits as well, the cost of the academy as well as the time it takes to go through the process before the officer can work on their own.
DeLeo also pointed out that many of the current Village officers have been with the department for 25-30 years and will be retiring in coming years. The addition of seasoned officers along with new recruits would be beneficial.
Trustee Guethle stated that the current policy is antiquated and the ability to offer the officers more for a lateral move would attract better candidates.
Administrator Bosco spoke about the hiring process becoming more competitive and not only does the Village have to consider comparables but geographical comparables as well.
Bosco also said that the lateral transfer program is only intended to be a supplemental program and the department currently has officers going through the academy. The program gives the police department an opportunity to hire an officer more expeditiously than through the academy, and the way the policy is currently set it takes time to go through the process of having the Board approve a new hire above the step four in the pay scale. The change would help to expedite the process.
Trustee Salazar stated that she was in favor of the change. She appreciated the option to hire both new recruits and seasoned officers and said that with the expectation that many officers will be retiring in the coming years, it will be good to have both.
Trustee Carroll stated that this change would bring the Police Department in line with the rest of Village staffing. He said that if the Village wants the most seasoned, most experienced, most competitive police force then the Village would need to adjust.
Trustees were in favor of the change.
1. Property Acquisition #1
2. Property Acquisition #2


Motion to adjourn to executive session made by Trustee Guethle and seconded by Trustee Carroll. All in favor. Motion approved.


Mayor Gaffino called the meeting to order.

In attendance: Mayor Mark Gaffino, Trustee Mark Carroll, Trustee Laura Curtis, Trustee Mark Guethle, Trustee Mike Lowery, Trustee Todd Niedzwiedz, Trustee Carolyn Salazar

Staff in attendance: Village Administrator Steve Bosco, Village Attorney Edward Boula, Public Works Director John Laskowski.

Motion to adjourn made by Trustee Lowery and seconded by Trustee Niedzwiedz. All in favor. Motion approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jessi Watkins
Village Clerk





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