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Beautification Committee Meeting Minutes

Monday, July 18, 2022
Call to Order
Chairman Carroll called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.
Mark Carroll, Rose Harding, Al Broholm (arrived 6:09 pm), Ann Hosler, Village Administrator Steve Bosco, Director of Public Works John Laskowski and Administrative Analyst Christine Wagner.
Approval of Minutes
Al Broholm made a motion to approve the minutes dated January 17, and April 18, 2022 Rose Harding seconded with the correction to the spelling of her name.
Discussion/New Business
1. Property Recognition program
Administrator Bosco went over the guidelines for the program that staff created along with pertinent dates for the upcoming contest and process for submitting an address. He stated that the program was left open in several areas to allow for flexibility for the committee.
Al Broholm inquired how many winner would be selected, which Bosco reported that it would be up to the committee, but suggested a similar structure as the Village’s scavenger hunt with first, second and third places for highest scores, with a drawing for all other participants. Discussion was had regarding how to award nominated addresses, especially to get the program off the ground. Al suggested having an announcement in the newspaper. Administrator Bosco added that the announcement will also go on the Village website and social media pages. Broholm suggested also using the community sign, adding that it would be nice to someday have a similar sign at other locations.
Administrator Bosco provided details on the prize options for the committee to consider on a point based system. The committee discussed the name options for the program and settled on ‘Green Thumb’. Bosco went over the upcoming program timeline and suggested that the committee determine how they want to handle the judging and determine a schedule among members. Al Broholm suggested sending the list of nominations to committee members, allowing several days for them to go out and tabulate individual scores for each. Chairman Carroll suggested a curve-type system where the highest sets the top score to win, with other following. Administrator Bosco suggested the option of calling a special meeting to go over the contest results. Chairman Carroll added that all the scores could be averaged between each members scoring to determine winners.
2. Police Department Landscaping
Administrator Bosco pointed out the progress that had been made recently in the beautification of Village Hall with the completion of the front landscaping project initiated by the committee earlier in the year. Bosco reported that similar progress would be made at the Police Department in conjunction with the addition of “North Aurora” written in landscaping along Route 31. Bosco drew the attention of the committee to two different renderings, one using plants for the writing of ‘North Aurora’, and the other using stone. The committee discussed the ease of maintenance for the stone option. Bosco offered the option to do the landscaping around the building first, and determine the lettering option later with more detail.
3. General Discussion / Project Updates
Staff distributed a short questionnaire regarding the committee itself, projects and direction to all present members. The questionnaire was requested to be distributed electronically as well. It was requested that the members return their answers ahead of the next meeting to go over results.
Discussion was had regarding the signage along Route 25 and the maintenance of the planters throughout the season.
With no further business, Al Broholm made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:41 pm, which was seconded by Rose Harding.
Motion to Adjourn: All in Favor
Respectfully submitted,
Chris Wagner

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