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2022 Road Program Updates

2022 Road Program Updates

Geneva Construction completed  almost all of asphalt driveway restorations on the project.  There are a few remaining that they plan to complete next week.  They completed the asphalt roadway pavement removal on Augusta, Hartfield, Fairfield, Greenbrier, Aster, Meadow, and Winterbury.  They completed partial removal on Woodlawn, Columbia, Wingfoot, and the north section of Doral.  They completed the first layer of asphalt on Turnberry, Coghill, Clark, Oak Crest, Cantigny, Augusta, Derby, and Greenbrier.  They started the first layer of asphalt on Fairfield and part of Hartfield.


Landscape restoration was completed on Hartfield,  Fairfield, Aster, Meadow, and Winterbury.  The landscape restoration will be continuing next week on Woodlawn, Columbia, Doral, and Wingfoot.


Next week, starting Tuesday due to the holiday, Geneva Construction plans to complete the remaining asphalt pavement removal on the streets that were partially removed this week.  They then will be performing pavement removal on Hart, Doral (south section), Dewig, Slaker, Hammer, Matthias, and Pinecreek.  Following the pavement removal, they will be prepping the aggregate base for paving.  They plan to complete the first layer of asphalt on the remainder of Fairfield and Hartfield.  Then completing placement of the first layer of asphalt on Aster, Meadow, Winterbury, Woodlawn, Columbia, Wingfoot, and Doral (north section).   If time permits, they will be continuing to Doral (south section), Dewig, Hammer, Matthias, and Pinecreek.


During the pavement removal process and while they contractor is working on aggregate base repairs and paving the streets, please park your vehicles in your driveway or garage during construction hours.  Typically from 7 AM to 4 PM on weekdays.


Streets and driveways will remain accessible throughout the duration of the pavement removal, base repairs, and paving of the streets.  There may be minor delays accessing driveways when the removal or paving is happening directly in front of your driveway.


After the pavement removal, the streets will be gravel until the contractor places the first layer of asphalt.  The contractor will be placing stone ramps at the end of each driveway to maintain access.


Additional work may take place on other streets not listed above at the contractors’ discretion.

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