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Construction Updates

Construction Updates

🚧Construction Updates🚧

🟠2022 Road Program
This week D’Land poured concrete on Greenbrier, Fairfield, Aster, Winterberry, Derby, Meadow, Hart, Hartfield, Spyglass, and Woodlawn. They poured concrete on the one side removed on Columbia, Wingfoot, and Doral (north of Wingfoot). They also removed curb and sidewalk on one side of Pinecreek and Doral (south of Wingfoot). Saw cutting on the project has been completed.

Next week D’land plans on continuing to pour concrete on all the streets that have recently had the concrete removed, including remaining sidewalk on Columbia, Wingfoot, and Doral (North of Wingfoot). Then continuing with pouring concrete on the sides of Doral (South of Wingfoot) and Pinecreek that had been removed this week. Removals will continue on the other sides of Doral, Wingfoot, Columbia, and Pinecreek as well as Slaker, Dewig, Matthias, and Hammer.

Geneva Construction plans to continue with asphalt driveway restoration next week on Fairfield Hartfield, Greenbrier, Aster, Winterberry, and Meadow. Landscape restoration is anticipated to begin next week, starting on Turnberry, Clark, and Oak Crest.

🔵2022 Pavement Marking Project
Superior Road Striping, Inc. completed placing new thermoplastic pavement markings on Oak Street from Randall Road to IL 31 this week.

The contractor was unable to place the new thermoplastic pavement markings on Harmony Drive and Poplar Place near Goodwin Elementary School this past week, but will complete it when they come to do the pavement markings on Randall Road (Oak St. to I-88 Bridge) after crack sealing has been completed on this section of Randall Road.

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