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Construction Project Updates September 6



Construction Project Updates September 9, 2019

Well Number 8  & 9 Transmission Mains
Patnick Construction has completed the Well 9 Transmission mains.  The Well #8 transmission main installation project has begun with the surveyors completing the construction layout. We are awaiting the constructor’s schedule.

Well Number 8 & 9 Pumps and Motors
The Village received bids for the pump and motor contract. This contract was awarded to Layne Christensen at the August 19, 2019 Village Board meeting. Contracts have been signed and the next step will be to approve shop drawings.

Well Number 8 & 9 Well Building and Electrical
The Village received bids for this project on September 6, 2019 and is currently formulating a recommendation for consideration of the Village Board at the September 16, 2019 meeting.

2019 Street Improvements

  1. Summerwind: East Victoria Circle and Hidden Creek Avenue.

Pavement striping and punch list compilation is starting soon.

  1. Orchard Crossings: Westbury Circle, Forest Ridge Drive, Alexandra Court, Oakland Circle, Waterford Road, Fechner Circle, Messenger Circle, Hartsburg Lane, Hawksley Lane, Whalen Court, and Ritter Street

Corrective work needs to be performed on Messenger Circle, punch list compilation and pavement striping will follow.

  1. Waterford Townhomes: Waterford Road, Kathryn Lane, and Arbington Lane.

Pavement striping and punch list compilation is starting soon.

  1. Patching: Arrowhead, April, Dee,  and Laurel 
    Pavement Patching has been marked out in white paint, this operation is expected to resume in September.


  1. Deerpath and Orchard Gateway: Intersection Repair (North Leg)
    Pavement striping and punch list compilation is starting soon.


If you need additional information regarding the Road Project please contact our construction inspectors. Rick Pace at 630.310.7574 or Eric Johnson 630.846.0830.

Bids were rejected at the August 5, 2019 Village Board meeting. Staff has met with a general contractor and is exploring a path forward for the rehabilitation and illumination of the silo.

Bids were opened on Wednesday July 31, 2019. The low bidder was awarded the contract by the Village Board at the August 5, 2019 Village Board meeting. The completion date for this project is December 15, 2019. Shop drawings have been approved.

Tree Planting Program
Staff will be visited the nursery on September 4, 2019 and selected the 100 trees schedule to be planted by November 1, 2019

Route 25 Paving Project (Lincoln Valley)
The developer of the Lincoln Valley golf course property has contracted Geneva Construction to make widen Route 25 at the entrance of the new subdivision this work will begin August 5, 2019 and is scheduled to continue to September 13, 2019. 



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