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Police Commission Minutes

February 16, 2024, at 10:00hrs.
Commissioner Jungels presented a motion to start with this Special open meeting of the Village of North Aurora Police Commission, a second motion was made by Chairperson Hatchett – All present in favor. The meeting commenced at 10:02 hrs.
Commissioners present: Chairperson Lisa Hatchett, Commissioner Phil Jungles and Commissioner Brian Reid.
Old Business
1. Approve meeting minutes from the 1st Quarter 2024 open Police Commission meeting held on 08-Jan-2024. All present in favor.
2. No other Old Business.
New Business
1. The Commissioners reviewed the current NAPD Patrol Office Candidate list and acknowledged that there are Twelve active candidates remaining on this list as of 01-Jan-2024.
a. Three of the active NAPD Patrol Officer Candidates, currently on the list, have requested, for personal reasons, that their names be removed from further employment consideration. To do so, The Commission has requested that each of the three individual candidates provide a letter or an e-mail to The Commission requesting their removal from the list. The Commission currently awaits written instructions to do so by the individual Patrol Officer Candidates – All Present in Favor.
b. The background check conducted on Patrol Officer Candidate Brianna Newsom indicated that she had an arrest record with the Schaumburg, IL Police Department. However, Candidate Newsom failed to indicate the arrest on her application or that the arrest was an error. Therefore, Candidate Newsom will no longer be for the NAPD Patrol Officer Candidate position accordingly – All Present in Favor.
c. The background check on Patrol Officer Candidate John Pinili noted that the question on his employment application asking, Is English your second language? “Yes” or “No” answer by checking either box. Candidate Pinili failed to answer the question by marking either box. Therefore, Patrol Officer Candidate Pinili failed to answer all the questions properly on his application as required for employment consideration. Candidate Pinili failed and is no longer under consideration for the NAPD Patrol Officer Candidate position. – All Present in Favor.
d. NAPD Patrol Officer Candidate Jackson Clark (A current Illinois Department of Corrections employee) has notified The North Aurora Police Commission that he is voluntarily removing his name from further consideration for employment as a North Aurora Police Department Patrol Officer Candidate. As result of his request, this will result in only four active candidates remaining on this current list. All Present in favor.
2. Chairperson Hatchett made a motion to the Commission to proceed with a new round of Patrol Officer Candidate testing to establish a new North Aurora Police Department Patrol Officer Candidate List. This motion was 2nd by Commissioner Jungels. All Present in Favor.
3. Chairperson Hatchett will proceed to contact C.O.P.S. Testing Services to obtain available dates to schedule the next North Aurora Police Department – Patrol Officer Candidate Test. All Present in Favor.
4. The Commissioners reviewed their schedules and agreed to hold the 2nd Quarter Open Meeting of the North Aurora Police Commission on 04-Apr-2024 at 17:30hrs. All Present in favor.
5. No further New Business.
Commissioner Reid made a motion to adjourn the meeting with a second motion from Chairperson Hatchett; all in favor – Motion Approved. The Open Meeting adjourned at 11:05 hrs.
Respectfully Submitted,
Commissioner Brian W. Reid/Secretary
North Aurora Police Commission

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