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Plan Commission Minutes



MARCH 5, 2024




Chairman Mike Brackett called the meeting to order at 7:02pm.




In attendance: Commissioners Anna Tuohy, Tom Lenkart, Scott Branson, Richard Newell, and Doug Botkin.


Not in attendance: Commissioners Aaron Anderson, Alex Negro and Mark Bozik.


Staff in attendance: Community Development Director Nathan Darga and Planner David Hansen.





  1. Approval of Plan Commission Minutes dated February 6, 2024.


Motion for approval was made by Commissioner Lenkart and seconded by Commissioner Tuohy. All in favor.  Motion approved.




NEW BUSINESS                                               


  1. Petition #24-06 (Zoning Map): 2024 Zoning Map


Community Development Director Nathan Darga shared that State Law requires municipalities to adopt a new zoning map by April on annual basis if there have been any changes. The Village rezoned some properties within the last year, which include the new fire station (B-3), Park 88 development (O-R-I), and a few other corrections were made on the map after going through ordinances and annexation agreements. Darga showed the Plan Commission the new zoning map, which included all the updates. The other rezoned corrections included Nicor, Comed, and BNSF railroad right of way (ROW) parcels.


Commissioner Lenkart asked about the Marmon tree farm and if it was inside the Village’s border. Darga said that area is unincorporated and is inside the Village’s planning boundary as a flex area with the City of Aurora but it is not located inside the Village’s municipal boundary. Darga added the zoning map only shows all properties located within the Village’s boundary. The Comprehensive Plan will show areas inside the Village’s future planning area, which is what this property would fall under. Commissioner Lenkart asked why areas out west along Deerpath Rd and Tanner  Rd are not located inside the Village even though the Village surrounds them. Darga said those subdivisions were in place before the Village built around that area and they have not been annexed yet and are located in the County and are also on well and septic. Darga added the property on Randall Rd and the farm property behind Woodman’s are not annexed yet, so they are still incorporated and not part of the Village. Generally, property is not annexed into the Village until it is ready to be developed because at the time of annexation there is an agreement to negotiate items such as utilities, fees, and roads. Chairman Brackett added the Village could force annex properties if they are a benefit to the Village, however in this case it’s a benefit to wait. Commissioners Branson, Newell, and Botkin had no additional questions or comments.


Bill Slaker asked if there is a listing of zoning map changes and corrections on file somewhere residents can access or do you have to look at the old map and new map to see what changed. Darga added the changes we listed off are the only ones this year. Slaker asked about the railroad properties and if they were still active off Route 25. Darga added they are active, but the change for zoning was that they were zoned R-1, but the annexation agreement showed zoning as E-R.


Motion for approval of Petition #24-06 as presented by staff was made by Commissioner Tuohy and seconded by Commissioner Newell. Vote: Tuohy – Yes, Lenkart – Yes, Branson – Yes, Newell – Yes, Botkin – Yes. Motion approved.





Commissioner Tuohy asked what can be done to improve the intersection at Deerpath Rd and Tanner Rd since there was another bad accident this week. Darga said the intersection is a Kane County owned intersection and staff has reached out to the County on multiple occasions regarding the safety of the roads and intersection. Commissioner Tuohy asked if staff can reach out to the County again since more pedestrians are present now travelling to Taco Bell and Starbucks off of Orchard Rd. Commissioner Tuohy said perhaps adding blinking stop signs or better striping to the intersection would help mitigate accidents. Commissioner Newell asked if a petition could be started up by the residents to improve the intersection. Darga said staff will look into it and that there have been residents from Tanner Trails who have submitted ideas to the Village Board within the last year, which were forwarded to the County. Darga said staff will keep reaching out to the County and look into potential improvements for the roads already owned by the Village.


Darga shared Verilife should be opening its new location on Orchard Rd within the next month. Darga said at the next meeting there may be an item for a special use for a cannabis dispensary to go into the old Verilife building since the Village allows two dispensaries. Darga also shared that at the next meeting there may be a PUD for the new Public Works building that would include swapping some land with the fire training site. There is a sales tax referendum on the ballot this month, which would help pay for this building so the item will be most likely be determined by that action.


Commissioner Tuohy asked if any new businesses are coming to North Aurora. Darga said Giordanos pizza is looking to go into the strip center off of Genesis Way where Sarpinos pizza used to be. Darga added that Parcel 6 next to Casey’s has a Dunkin Donuts going in and the Village received a permit this month for it. Darga shared Clover senior housing independent living, presented a concept plan at the Board meeting last night, which is looking to go in behind JcPenney off of Orchard Gateway Blvd. This would involve a PUD amendment, which would need to come through the Plan Commission in future. Darga added it would be a four story building and introduce residential into Towne Centre and that the original Town Centre PUD had residential area, but the warehouses now occupy that area.


Commissioner Botkin asked about the pedestrian crossing intersection at Dogwood and Randall Rd and noticed the push button stop walks were installed and if anything else will be installed. Darga added the Village took over Randall Rd from the County and all the pedestrian equipment was installed but are waiting for warmer weather to paint the cross walks before it goes live. Chairman Brackett asked what happened to the bus stop in this general location. Darga said the Village will look into it, but it appears the bus stop was vacated and no longer part of the Pace Bus Route.



Motion to adjourn made by Commissioner Botkin and seconded by Commissioner Newell.  All in favor.  Motion approved.


Respectfully Submitted,


David Hansen


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