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North Aurora Days Committee Minutes




Monday, March 11, 2024

Call to Order

Mark Gaffino called the meeting to order at 6:07 pm.


Mark Gaffino, Jessi Watkins, Norma Yario, Julie Shoemaker, Robyn Stecklein, Steve Bosco, and Natalie Stevens | Not Present: Lynn Miller

Approval of Minutes

Robyn Stecklein made a motion to approve the February 12, 2024 meeting minutes, which was seconded by Mark Gaffino.

Motion to Approve: All in Favor

2024 North Aurora Days

The Committee first discussed updated North Aurora Days banner options for the streetlight poles throughout the Village. After looking at several options the Committee ultimately all agreed they liked the banner with the orange border. Natalie Stevens said she would work with a printer to have those made to be displayed for this year’s event.

Stevens provided an update on the sponsorships to the Committee. The Committee discussed offering an in-kind sponsorship to Pedal and Spoke as they would be on-site for the Touch-a-Truck event and offering free bike checks. Robyn Stecklein said they would also be offering coupons for purchasing a discounted helmet at the store at a later time. Stecklein said she was still waiting to hear back about the car seat check to see if it would be possible to offer. Mayor Gaffino said he would like to send a letter to Mooseheart thanking them for being the host site for Touch-a-Truck for the past years. The Committee discussed also needing to rent fans for Jewel Middle School since the air conditioning was not likely to be on.

The Committee also agreed to an in-kind sponsorship for Messenger Public Library due to their role in booking the Saturday evening children’s programming. To that, Jessi Watkins said she had spoken to DuPage Children’s Museum and we were set for Friday for their presentation. She was going to look into other programming options for the event and report back.

The Committee discussed the parking and shuttle situation and potential nearby businesses that may be able to offer space for parking. Stevens said she would reach out to Aurora Pack, Messenger Library, Aurora Dentrix and DG Properties for permission to utilize their lots on a parking lot map. The Committee discussed shuttle stops and depending on the local parking availability discussed if two as regular were needed or if a third should be added.

With nothing further to discuss the Committee made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:46 pm.

Motion to Adjourn: All in Favor

Respectfully submitted,

Natalie Stevens






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