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North Aurora Days Committee Minutes



Monday, April 11, 2022

Call to Order

Mark Gaffino called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm.


Mark Gaffino, Robyn Stecklein, Jessi Watkins, Julie Shoemaker, Holly O’Brien, Lynn Miller, Doug Botkin, Steve Bosco, and Chris Wagner.

Approval of Minutes

Jessi Watkins made a motion to approve the Match 14, 2022 meeting minutes, which was seconded by Holly O’Brien.

Motion to Approve: All in Favor


The Committee heard an update from Holly O’Brien regarding the quotes received for the beer tent beverages.  It was reported that prices on some items has increased slightly but were comparable overall. Options had been offered from Superior Beverage for a three year package, the committee suggested that if prices could be locked in, that could be the best option. O’Brien stated interest from the Mothers Club to sell North Aurora merchandise, such as hats or T-Shirts. No plans had been made on a design but was suggested as a potential fundraiser.  Jessi Watkins suggested that it may be appropriate for the club to become a sponsor with a booth in order to sell the merchandise. O’Brien and other committee members agreed. The committee and staff was open to discussion on the merchandise if they wished to pursue it.

  1. Discussion of Shuttles

Administrator Bosco provided the committee members with an overview of past practices and issues encountered with previous shuttle services. In order for staff to begin discussions with a vendor, the committee must determine what type pf route is desired, point to point to a loop.  Discussion was had regarding the pros and cons for each along with the challenges of dispatching, turning around, making stops and ease of routing for drivers. Mayor Gaffino suggested making a volunteer available to help coordinate the process day-of. Robyn Stecklein and Jessi Watkins spoke in favor of a loop route.  It was suggested to post signs at each shuttle stop stating a shuttle picks up approximately every 15 minutes.  Mayor Gaffino spoke in favor of leaving the scheduling the same as previous years, as there had been no complaints in that regard.

  1. Discussion of North Aurora Days 2022

Administrative Analyst Chris Wagner provided an update on the food vendors, entertainment, various events, sponsors and logistics.  Tents and bands had been secured, the mailing for the sponsors had gone out already and a few sponsorships had already been received. Many events and logistics were still in process, as coordination with multiple departments and entities moved forward.

With no further discussion, Robyn made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:55 pm, which was seconded by Jessi Watkins.

Motion to Adjourn: All in Favor

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Wagner

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