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North Aurora Days Committee Minutes

Monday, October 9, 2023
Call to Order
Mark Gaffino called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm.
Mark Gaffino, Julie Shoemaker, Lynn Miller, Jessi Watkins, Steve Bosco, Natalie Stevens, Norma Yario (perspective committee member)
Approval of Minutes
Mark Gaffino made a motion to approve the September 11, 2023 meeting minutes, which was seconded by Jessi Watkins
Motion to Approve: All in Favor
Mayor Gaffino noted that Holly O’Brien had retired from the North Aurora Days Committee. He introduced the committee to attendee Norma Yario, who was a perspective member.
2024 North Aurora Days
Mayor Gaffino said the committee typically discussed bands at the November meeting and Natalie Stevens said she was in contact with the company the Village regularly uses for bookings and would provide options prior to the next meeting for the committee to review. Committee Member Jessi Watkins inquired about the possibility of having a larger named band as a headliner and Stevens said she would inquire as to the cost and process of such.
Stevens and Administrator Steve Bosco provided a fireworks update. They met with representatives from Pyrotechnio who walked the park and indicated that the only suitable launch location would be the regular spot on the east side of the Fox River Trail that is used for the July 3rd fireworks due to structures being too close on the west side of the trail. Staff was working to secure the contract for that fireworks display, which would be $12,000 and the committee would be looking to see if they were able to get a Fireworks Sponsorship level to fund that item.
The committee discussed entertainments at the park and Watkins said she would look into Record-A-Hit for other options. The committee also discussed having a video gaming truck although the location of such was unable to be determined at the meting. Julie Shoemaker said the fishing derby is all set to go next year and the school district still wants to do an activity but does want to have an alternative indoor one in the event of inclement weather.
The committee also discussed the beer tent. Given that the Mother’s Club has disbanded Mayor Gaffino said it was the Lions Club’s belief that they would be running the tent on their own. The committee discussed whether other community groups should be invited to also be involved with the beer tent and, if so, what that process could look like. They also discussed about volunteer opportunities for former Mothers Club members to assist with the beer tent if they wanted to still be involved.
T-shirts were brought up and discussed to have new ones made for this years North Aurora Days. A suggestion put out was a black shirt with colored screen printing of the logo to make it pop.
Shuttles were also discussed due to losing a large section of parking at the former activity center lot. It was discussed to add a third shuttle stop to the rotation.
With no further discussion, Lynn Miller made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:16pm, which was seconded by Julie Shoemaker.
Motion to Adjourn: All in Favor
Respectfully submitted,
Natalie Stevens


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