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North Aurora Days Committee Minutes

Monday, October 12, 2022
Call to Order
Mark Gaffino called the meeting to order at 6:07 pm.
Mark Gaffino, Robyn Stecklein, Julie Shoemaker, Holly O’Brien, Steve Bosco and Chris Wagner.
Approval of Minutes
Having no quorum, no action was taken to approve minutes.
1. Discussion North Aurora Days Stage Contract

Chris Wagner gave a brief outline of the proposed stage contract and noted only a slight increase in price and suggested adding some verbiage to allow flexibility with future dates and locations. Administrator Bosco agreed and let the committee know that staff would handle the details of the contract.

2. Discussion of North Aurora Days Budget
Chairman Gaffino went through the various categories of North Aurora Days planning and suggested individual committee member assignments to involve the committee more effectively. Each member would be the primary contact for each category of planning while receiving staff support. Administrator Bosco stated that the committee member could do research for their category, such as bands or entertainment, and then bring those findings to the committee to discuss. Chairman Gaffino added that the Village would still be providing the materials and supplies for the day’s activities. Chairman Gaffino and Administrator Bosco outlined the activities for all categories.
Holly voiced concern regarding her other commitments that could be problematic. Chairman Gaffino made several suggestion on how other members and staff can help work around the challenges.
Administrator Bosco went through the proposed budget that staff created for North Aurora Days. He stated that the document can be used as a planning tool by committee members and staff. He went over several options that can be considered for a main event or other attractions. The group agreed that carnival type games should be explored further for 2023. Bosco went through the logistical aspects for each planning category that staff would be focused upon such as light towers in parking areas, generators for electric and others.

3. Discussion of North Aurora Days
Julie Shoemaker inquired if North Island Park would be utilized in any way. Bosco remarked that it would be up to the committee but poses several challenges with reduced parking, security, electric and permissions from the park district. Committee members discussed events held in years past, both in the park and elsewhere. The committee discussed possible event ideas done in partnership with a local business at their location. Several additional events had taken place, such as a car show at the dealership that stopped and had not returned to the lineup of events.
Bosco noted that the presentation did not include the school or park districts, and these entities could also be approached by committee members for further involvement in North Aurora Days.
Holly O’Brien inquired if they should collect a fee at the ID check table, stating that they had not in 2022, but could be an avenue to raise funds in the future for a particular attraction or event.
The committee members also discussed the need for an ATM or possibly two depending on what attractions are available, along with other credit card payment options.
With no further discussion, Holly O’Brien made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:05 pm, which was seconded by Julie Shoemaker.
Motion to Adjourn: All in Favor
Respectfully submitted,
Chris Wagner

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