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Beautification Committee Minutes

Monday, January 16, 2023
Call to Order
Chairman Carroll called the meeting to order at 6:06 pm.
Mark Carroll, Al Broholm , Edoardo Tabasso, Colleta Hines-Newell, Norma Yario (arrived at 6:25), Village Administrator Steve Bosco, and Administrative Analyst Christine Wagner.
Approval of Minutes
Approval of the Beautification Committee Minutes dated October 17, 2022
Al Broholm made a motion to approve the minutes dated October 17, 2022. Edoardo Tabasso seconded. All others were in favor.
1. Recap of 2022 Projects
Administrative Analyst Chris Wagner provided a review of the various projects undertaken by the group over the year along with comments from staff. Projects included various landscaping projects at both Village Hall and the Police Department, spring plantings and a new property recognition program. The committee discussed the possibility of utilizing perennial plants in key locations to reduce labor. Al Broholm suggested the hiring of a gardener during the warm months to handle and maintain such projects. Bosco stated that this would be less efficient for Village operations as summer laborers are already employed along with public works laborers.
The committee discussed the history and status of obtaining a military implement for display at the Veterans Memorial. Bosco provided an overview of the program. Broholm stated that members of the Lion’s club have been trying ten years without success.
2. Project Updates / General Discussion

Colleta Hines-Newell asked the committee if they felt that the most recent property recognition program had any real impact or added value to the community. Administrator Bosco stated that it was designed to reward members for making their property and neighborhoods more beautiful. Al Broholm added that since it was the first year, participation was expected to be lower, and looking to 2023, would have a full schedule with greater awareness. Chairman Carroll suggested that participation can be supplemented if residents can get entire neighborhoods to compete. Broholm added that there was little time to advertise due to time constraints in 2022. Hines-Newell voiced concern over judging properties in various areas against those who may not be as affluent. Chairman Carroll pointed out that it was successful in that it got people out in the community. Different options were discussed for awarding properties in the future.
Administrator Bosco inquired if the committee was open to beginning meetings in the future at 5:30 pm in order to allow more time ahead of the evening’s Village Board Meeting at 7:00 pm. Committee members were generally in favor.
Administrative Analyst Wagner provided a list of possible projects for the committee to consider in 2023. The lists consisted of various plantings and community outreach events. Al Broholm provided historical background for many of the items, such as the tree identification initiative.
Hines-Newell inquired if a banner type of installation, like that along the State Street bridge, would be possible on the western edge of the community. Administrator Bosco replied that the banners are extremely labor intensive.
Bosco suggested that the possible tree sapling giveaway could be paired with the Village’s existing Arbor Day tree planting ceremony. Hines-Newell spoke in favor.
Chairman Carroll confirmed with the group that similar to the past year wave petunias would be selected for the spring planting. The committee was in favor and suggested perhaps a different variety of sweet potato vine, given the feedback from staff. Broholm suggested the addition of mums in the fall.
The Village’s winter special event, Making Spirits Bright, was briefly discussed. Committee members complimented the event and noted the number of people who enjoyed the lights in the park. Bosco noted that it was extremely labor intense for the public works staff and remains a challenge going forward.
With no further business, Al Broholm made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:57 pm, which was seconded by Edoardo Tabasso.
Motion to Adjourn: All in Favor
Respectfully submitted,
Chris Wagner


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