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Beautification Committee Minutes


Monday, October 17, 2022

Call to Order

Chairman Carroll called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm.


Mark Carroll, Rose Harding, Al Broholm , Ann Hosler, Edoardo Tabasso,  Colleta Hines-Newell, Norma Yario, Village Administrator Steve Bosco, and Administrative Analyst Christine Wagner.

Approval of Minutes

Approval of the Beautification Committee Minutes dated July 18, 2022

Al Broholm made a motion to approve the minutes dated July 18, 2022. Edoardo Tabasso seconded. Colleta Hines-Newell abstained, all others were in favor.

Approval of the Beautification Committee (Special Meeting) Minutes dated August 29, 2022

Al Broholm made a motion to approve the minutes dated August 29, 2022. Edoardo Tabasso seconded. Colleta Hines-Newell abstained, all others were in favor.


  1. Property Recognition Program

Administrative Analyst Chris Wagner provided a proposed outline for the upcoming holiday property recognition program. The general structure for the program was to be the same as the previous program with a point based rating system and awards. Al Broholm stated that the program should be named Holiday Décor Recognition Program, all were in favor.  A brief timeline was discussed to allow for the public to view winning properties before the end of December. Chairman Carroll suggested that the map of addresses in consideration be made available for the public (with the owner’s permission). Administrator Bosco stated that a simple map could be put online and at the counter inside Village Hall, which could highlight the winners once chosen.

Administrator Bosco reviewed the judging process from the previous program and stated that a special meeting would not be required since the same format could be used by staff to determine the winner. Bosco complimented the committee on their judging for the last program.

  1. Project Updates / General Discussion


Administrator Bosco reviewed the opinions produced from the internal committee member survey regarding the overall goals of the committee, projects and ideas for the future.  Bosco stated that the goal is to get the committee members more involved by assigning members tasks in various projects.  Some of the common areas focused on in the survey for beautification efforts included: Route 56 by the railroad crossing, near the silo, along the bike path and events for Arbor Day.


Bosco provided an overview of the current plans underway for the upcoming Village holiday event, Making Spirits Bright.  He discussed the challenges of set-up for Public Works alongside their other duties of fall leaf collection.  Chairman Carroll suggested wrapping garland around the railing of the bridge to tie into the Berman Tower site. Norma Yario inquired if there would be a choir or caroling.  Bosco replied that planning was still underway but it would be explored.  Bosco expressed his desire to grow the event as staffing allowed each year. The committee discussed the desire and option to plant or obtain a real evergreen tree to decorate in the park.  Bosco noted that any permanent upgrades to the park were on hold due to the potential removal of the dam, which would need to be carefully considered before a planting.  Discussion was had regarding historical events and activities with other organizations in Riverfront Park and Island Park.


Edoardo Tabasso stated that the committee could explore the option of doing a scarecrow type of event like other communities.  Bosco noted that a snowman painting event had been done in the past, but had several challenges and would require more involvement from the committee for staffing.  Instead, Bosco suggested members could solicit businesses to sponsor or decorate a snowman if such an addition is decided upon in the future.

With no further business, Al Broholm made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:55 pm, which was seconded by Edoardo Tabasso.

Motion to Adjourn: All in Favor

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Wagner


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