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Construction Update: June 14

Construction Update: June 14

June 14

2024 Road Program

This week the contractor began saw cutting the concrete curb in the project area east of the Fox River.  They plan to continue saw cutting on Saturday.

Next week the contractor will continue saw cutting.  After completing the saw cutting east of the river, they will saw cut on Harmony and Silver Trail then moving to the Oak Hill subdivision and Windstone subdivision.

On Monday, the Contractor also plans to begin the concrete removals on Ridge Rd.  When they finish removals on Ridge, they will continue to complete removals on the other streets on the east side of the river.  The Contractor will post notices adjacent to driveways that will have their access removed at least 24 hours in advance of the removals.


June 10

2024 Road Program

This week the contractor plans to start saw cutting the concrete curb and sidewalk that is planned to be removed as a part of the project.  They anticipate starting as early as Wednesday, beginning on the area of the project that is east of the Fox River (Hickory, Flagstone, Sharon, Ridge, Anna).  Once they complete this area they will be working their way west.

Saw cutting will not affect driveway access, but please be aware that there is a slurry created from the cutting that can be tracked until it dries.

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