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The Business Scavenger Hunt is Afoot! Play Until February 21!

The Business Scavenger Hunt is Afoot! Play Until February 21!

Business scavenger huntThe Business Scavenger Hunt is afoot! Let’s go!


Are you up to the challenge? Solve 10 riddles to bring you to 10 participating business in town. Find all the locations, complete your card and your team will be entered into a drawing for a prize from one of our participating businesses!


• One scorecard per team per household.
• Must submit completed scorecard to Village Hall by end of day February 21.
• Scorecards can be handed off to front desk (M-F 8am – 4:30pm) or dropped in the water bill box.
• Scorecards must be fully completed to be entered into the raffle drawing for a prize from our participating businesses.
• To keep this fun and fair, please don’t share answers or post in the comments with them! If you get really stuck we’re happy to help with a hint though 🙂


•Pick up a scorecard at Village Hall starting OR you can download a copy on the Village website here. You MUST have a physical card to participate.
•Solve the riddle to identify what business it is.
•Once your team has solved the riddle you will go to that business and identify yourselves as participating in the scavenger hunt and the riddle number of that location. (Example: if Village Hall was the answer to Riddle #5 your team would come to our front counter and state such).
•The business will provide your team a unique sticker to be added to your scorecard in the appropriate riddle section. (hence why you will need a physical card to play ;))
•This is NOT A RACE! All cards dropped off by the date of February 21 will be eligible for the drawing so we encourage you to take your time and have fun!
•No purchase is required from any business to participate, but we definitely encourage everyone to support our awesome local business community!




Stop here on your journey, traveler, please sit and relax
Our stylists will attend you from hair and makeup to wax.
A snip, a style, maybe some color to complete your look
We’ll see you at your next Salon appointment, don’t forget to book!


Don’t walk, don’t run, but ride like the wind
Put the Pedal to the metal and come on in.
From wheels and horns to bottles and gear
Passing on your left let them know you’re here!



If you’re looking for a Place to rest your head
This business is perfect for you with so many beds!
Get a good night’s rest to start your day right
And return again when it becomes night!



We’ve made a home here and set up quite a few ‘ships’ in town
Drive on over to see what we’re offering, come on down!
Find us off of the boulevard at our brand new home
Oh G-, look at all the fancy color options, savile silver is the new chrome!



Pop in here for a burst of energy to start your day
Delicious donuts and oats packed full of protein have come to play!
If you’re feeling thirsty then seek out a smoothie or try one of the teas
Thank you for coming by, Next in line please!



The most famous one of us was made in Philly
But no need to go there for this amazing food option, really!
♫ We don’t talk about our name ♫, but we’re the talk of the town
We promise our sandwiches, burgers and fries won’t let you down!



We’re all about teeth and helping them shine bright
No trix in our trade, just making smiles pearly white!
We have services galore from orthodontics to crown(s)
Come check us out, our name includes part of town!



You can put beverages in Mugs here (but also not quite)
This business has no Bark but it does have delicious bites
The right sip will hit the spot and make you say Aw!
Before you float away make sure to grab both a spoon and straw!


The Present is a gift we’re sure you’ve heard before
The Past is also here though at this store.
So many nooks and crannies to find treasure
You’re to find something that brings you pleasure.



Stop in for a bite, we’ll get your food out quick
Our menu has lots of options, take your pick!
Our arches are as golden as our delicious fries
Don’t forget about our handheld apple pies!

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