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Construction Project Updates

Construction Project Updates

Crackfilling Project Beginning Week of October 3rd  

Weather permitting the Village crackfilling project will begin the week of October 3rd.


Crackfilling is a preventative maintenance technique performed on the roads. It seals cracks and prevents water from entering the pavement and accelerating its deterioration. The operation will begin with the contractor using compressed air to blow debris from the cracks to clean them. Next, the crackfilling material is placed in the crack to seal it. The material only needs 15-20 minutes to cool so that traffic can again drive down the streets. Please obey the traffic control devices and the flaggers working in the construction work zone.


At the conclusion of the Village-wide project, a street sweeper will collect the debris that was blown from the cracks. The locations for the proposed work can be found in the below list.


Street Name                      From                                     To

Hartsburg Ln Ritter St End
Hawksley Ln Ritter St Hartsburg Ln
Stevens Ct White Oak Dr End
Whalen Ct Hartsburg Ln End
Waterford Rd East End West End
Forest Ridge Dr Oak St End
Abington Ln Forest Ridge Dr End
Kathryn Ln Waterford Rd Abington ln
Westbury Cir Waterford Rd End
Oakland Cir Waterford Rd End
Messenger Cir White Oak Dr End
Fechner Cir Messenger Cir End
Whitney Ct White Oak Dr End
White Oak Dr Oak St Orchard Rd
Spring Ct White Oak Dr End
White Oak Ct East End West End
W Mooseheart Rd White Oak Dr Hathaway Ct
Benson Ct W Mooseheart Rd End
White Oak Dr Orchard Rd Wilkinson Ln
Wilkinson Ln Patterson Ave Cromwell St
Cromwell St Wilkinson Ct End
Gardiner Ct Wilkinson Ct End
Carlson Ct Wilkinson Ct End
Patterson Ave Cromwell St End of Subdivision (newer road only)
Martinson Ct Patterson Ave End
Hickory Ln Patterson Ave Village Boundary
Randall Rd Oak St South Village Boundary
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