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Village-Wide Scavenger Hunt -- First Clue!

The North Aurora Village-wide scavenger hunt starts… now!
Before we get to the clue, a reminder of our general rules:
1) You (or your team) must have at least one North Aurora
resident to participate.
2) Please do not remove or tamper with clues and please put the clues back EXACTLY how you found them so they stay secure.
3) Do not post or share riddles or locations.
4) Make sure you write down each clue location as you will need to submit all ten at the end of the scavenger hunt.
5) All clues are located on public property
6) Have fun!
You can find additional details (and prize information) here:
Also, in the event you reach a location, scout out where you feel the clue should be and it does not seem to be there, please call Village Hall (630-897-8228) Monday – Friday 8am – 4:30 pm or message our Facebook page at any other time. While we certainly hope all of the clues remain where they are supposed to, in the event it has gone missing our staff will confirm with you that location and provide you the next clue so you can continue your hunt.
And now, without further ado, your first clue:
Over the tracks and into the woods
Onto the first clue we go!
A scenic bike path is here
But don’t follow it, oh no!
Look to the right of the three poles
But no rope for us please
Turn left where Goldilocks says “just right!”
Find your clue by stones in the count of threes

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