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Watering Restrictions Are In Effect

The Village of North Aurora would like to stress how this recent hot and dry weather has become very taxing on the entire North Aurora water system due to increased lawn watering. In order to maintain adequate water supply for domestic use and fire protection it is imperative to follow the guidelines of this ordinance (see full ordinance below).

The Village’s monitoring system indicates lawn watering is beginning earlier than allowed and ending later than allowed. Watering is only allowed between the hours of 6am to 9am and 6pm to 9pm on odd/even days corresponding to your house address.

In order to ensure that the restrictions are being adhered to, North Aurora staff will be out days and evenings to monitor the lawn watering. Tickets may be issued (starting at $50.00 and increasing) to those watering outside of the allowed times.

Please do your part so everyone has sufficient, safe water both for domestic use and fire protection. The Village has had to issue complete lawn watering bans in past years and hopes to avoid this action.

Note from the Village’s Water Superintendent: Lawns that go dormant will come back to life when we finally get some rain. Take a break from mowing!

Watering Restriction Ordinance:

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