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Community Garage Sale Map now Available

North Aurora Community Garage Sale - Thursday, Friday, & Saturday - August 6, 7 and 8

A Community-wide Garage Sale will be held in conjunction with North Aurora Days this year.

This is a Village sponsored community-wide garage sale planned for Thursday, August 6, Friday, August 7, and Saturday, August 8, 2015.

Garage Sale Maps are now available at the North Aurora Village Hall and on the North Aurora Days website at 

NORTH AURORA DAYS - Traffic and Parking Guidelines

Click on the link below for the 2015 North Aurora Days Parking and Traffic Information:

North Aurora Days Traffic and Parking Guidelines

Volunteers Needed for North Aurora Days

The North Aurora Days Committee is looking for Volunteers to help out with many aspects of the annual North Aurora Days event.  

Whether you have a lot of time to donate, or just a few hours, your help will go a long way in making this our best North Aurora Days event yet!  

Please visit the North Aurora Days website at to see what you can do to contribute to this great family-friendly event.  We appreciate your help and thank you for being a part of North Aurora Days.

Local Business Directory - Free listing for local Businesses in North Aurora

Just a reminder to our local North Aurora businesses that the Village of North Aurora has a Local Business Directory listing on our website.  Local businesses can provide contact information and a link to the business website to be posted free on this Village Business Directory.   

Please contact the Village at 630-897-8228 ext. 224 for further information on getting your business posted on the directory.  It's a free service and provides an opportunity for your business to be advertised free to our residents.  

Check out the Village's Business Directory here: 

Messenger Public Library Summer Hours - Closed Sundays


The Messenger Public Library (113 Oak St.) is open during the summer. Here is a reminder on their summer hours:

Monday to Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Friday and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sundays: CLOSED

For further information on library services please call the library at 630-896-0240 or visit the library website at

Mitchell Road Bridge Closed for Construction

The Illinois Department of Transportation has informed the Village of North Aurora that the Illinois Tollway Authority is beginning construction work to reconstruct the Mitchell Road Bridge.

Beginning the week of June 22, the Mitchell Road Bridge will be closed to all traffic between Bilter Road (just south of Route 56) and the Aurora side of the I-88 tolllway. In addition a roadway closure will be put in place between Bilter Road and Sullivan Road. A signed detour will be put in place directing traffic to use Indian Trail Road, Illinois Route 25 and Butterfield Road. The bridge is anticipated to be closed until mid-December, when the project is expected to be completed.

The Tollway Authority did not reconstruct the Mitchell Road Bridge last year when the road was closed for reconstruction, due to the fact that the Church Road Bridge was already being reconstructed at that time and they did not want to have both bridges closed at the same time.

Please allow extra driving time if your commute includes this area and plan on an alternate route.  For more information, please click the link below from the Illinois Tollway website: 

Press Release: Residential Electric Aggregation Program Renewal with Dynegy Energy Services

Village of North Aurora
***Press Release***

Dated: June 9, 2015

Village receives a 10% decrease in power rates with Dynegy Energy Services for the Residential Electric Aggregation Program for a Two-Year Period with 100% Renewable Energy.

The Village of North Aurora was one of the first communities in northern Illinois to manage a residential aggregation program for its residents. The Village has operated its aggregation program since 2011 and has lowered the average homeowners’ home Commonwealth Edison bill almost $500 since the program was initiated. For the entire community, the program has achieved approximately $2.5 million in savings during that time.

The current aggregation program ends in September, 2015. The Village recently held a renewal bid and has entered into an agreement with Dynegy Energy Services for electricity supply for residents and small commercial businesses. The agreement will be effective beginning September, 2015 and will be for a twenty-four (24) month period ending September, 2017.

Residents and small businesses that are currently enrolled in the Village’s aggregation program as well as ComEd customers will receive a letter in June describing the terms of the agreement as well as an “opt-out” form if the resident wishes to go back to ComEd for supply and/or elect to choose a different supplier.

The fixed-rate for the upcoming period beginning September, 2015 will drop 10%, from 7.856 cents per kWh to 7.073 cents. One year later, the rate will drop again, to 6.838 cents.

The rate includes the support of 100% renewable energy. ComEd’s non summer rate-to-compare is 7.17 cents per kWh. ComEd also assesses a Purchased Electricity Adjustment (PEA) on a monthly basis that can be a charge or credit of up to 0.50 cents per kWh. This PEA charge could result in an effective ComEd rate of 6.67 cents per kWh or as high as 7.67 cents.

The fixed rate provided by Dynegy is not subject to the PEA. Once enrolled in the aggregation program, there are no termination fees if a resident wishes to choose another supplier at any point during the term of the agreement, or chooses to go back to ComEd.

By continuing the aggregation program for a two-year period with a competitive rate the Village ensures that residents will have aggregation as a choice of electric supply over the next twenty four months with support for 100% renewable energy. For questions or more information please call the North Aurora Village Hall at (630) 897-8228.

North Aurora launches new website address and approves new logo

The Village of North Aurora has launched a new website address today, We are so excited to tell everyone that they can now get all the village information at (and it is so much easier to say then

Check out our new web address and also our updated website design, which features the Village’s new logo and tagline, Crossroads on the Fox.

The Village Board also approved the new logo and tagline at the board meeting on June 15. 

Through a request for proposal process, a company by the name of Rule 29 was hired by the Village of North Aurora to create a new logo and tagline. As part of the design process, the Village Board was interviewed by Rule 29 in order to incorporate their thoughts and visions for the community’s past, present and future. Rule 29 presented multiple logo and tagline options which were discussed by the Village Board at several public meetings.

The final logo incorporates elements of the Village, including the State Street Bridge, which symbolizes the Village moving forward, as well as the connection to community; the iconic Fox River, which is central to the Village; and rays emitting from beneath the bridge to represent community connections and nature trails; while the circle around the logo represents a community united. The colors chosen for the logos include an exciting blue tone to reflect the Fox River, which is a major source of identity and enjoyment for the residents of North Aurora. Also chosen was a warm brown which brings the natural earth elements to the logo, and is indicative of a warm and inviting sense of community. The font used in the logo will use both colors, with the blue highlighting the “North” as a stand out feature of the Village of North Aurora. The new tagline “Crossroads on the Fox” ties in with the logo, and was selected as the slogan that best represents the Village of North Aurora.  The Village Board and village staff are all very excited about incorporating the new logo in all aspects of the Village and creating a brand identity that our residents can recognize and be proud of. 

North Aurora Police Investigating Criminal Damage to Property

North Aurora, IL – North Aurora Police are investigating criminal damage to property on North Aurora’s northeast side after a man wanted in connection with a domestic incident fled from police through a golf course, residential lawns, and public park.

It began early Sunday morning at about 12:40 a.m. when police were on scene on April Ln. investigating a domestic disturbance when the male suspect drove past with headlights turned off. Officers caught up to the truck on River Rd. (Rt. 25) near the Fox Valley Country Club golf course. When officers signaled the driver to stop, the driver began driving recklessly as he pulled into the driveway of the golf course. He lost control of the truck and spun out in the grass, causing large divots. The truck then fled through the golf course in a north-northwest direction. Officers found the truck driving on Slaker Ct. and when the driver saw police again, he drove northbound between two houses, through Wingfoot Park toward Wingfoot Dr.

The truck, a maroon 1995 Ford pickup truck (full size) with a cap on the back, was located at the owner’s residence in Plano, Illinois approximately 30 minutes later. The suspect, Christopher B. Stankovich, 44, of the 300 blk. of Dearborn St., Plano, turned himself in at the North Aurora Police Department Sunday evening. He was charged with:
• Aggravated Fleeing & Eluding, a class 4 Felony
• Criminal Damage to Property, a class 4 Felony
Stankovich attended a bond hearing this morning where a judge set his bond at $12,500 / 10%. He remains in custody at the Kane County jail.

This incident remains under investigation. Anyone with information about this incident or who has damage to their property in the area is asked to call North Aurora Police at (630) 897-8705.

Water Conservation Tips - That Drip is Money Down the Drain

Water is a precious commodity.  We depend on our water infrastructure of pipes, pumps, and meters to deliver clean, high-quality and reliable water to our homes.

Did you know... the average household wastes 10,000 gallons of water per year on leaks, enought to fill a swimming pool?

You can help by checking toilets, faucets, showerheads and appliances for leaks.

Water Infrastructure needs to be maintained by both your utility and you.  Utilities can check for leaks in pipes on the way to your home, and you can check for leaks in your home. Both actions can prevent water waste and improve the reliability of your water supply.

Thank you for doing your part to help ensure our community and neighboring communities have a clean and reliable water source now and for future generations!

For more information on water conservation please visit

Call JULIE Before You Dig - dial 811

Planning a home improvement project this spring? Installing a fence or deck? Planting a tree or shrubs? Whether you plan to do it yourself or hire a professional, be smart and call J.U.L.I.E. at 811 before you dig!

Every digging project requires that you call... even if you are just planting shrubs or bushes.

Calls should be made 48 hours (2 business days) prior to doing any digging. The call is free and JULIE will notify all utilities to mark their locations to prevent any unintentional damage to underground utilities.

So be safe and smart - Call JULIE before you dig!

North Aurora Accepts Credit Card Payments (no transaction fees) On-line and at Village Hall

The Village of North Aurora is excited to announce that residents/customers can now pay their water bill online, without transaction fees, using the following link:

The types of payment accepted include Visa, MasterCard, Discover and eCheck. Residents and customers can also use this link to sign up to opt out of paper water bills, receive water bills by email and also view water usage history.

In addition, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards are now also being accepted at the village hall for payment of water bills, as well as other transactions such as building permits, business/contractor registration, waste stickers, or ordinance violations.

Along with the upgraded payment options, residents may have noticed a new format to the Village’s utility bill. The new format was designed to provide residents with additional information on their water bills, including a graph that illustrates both past and current water usage.

Please contact the Utility Billing Department at (630) 897-8228, x223 for further information

Help Reduce Storm Water Pollution

Help Reduce Storm Water Pollution - Water pollution prevention and control measures are critical to improving water quality and reducing the need for costly wastewater and drinking water treatment. Because water pollution can come from many different sources, a variety of pollution prevention and control measures are needed.

Stormwater runoff occurs when precipitation from rain or snowmelt flows over impervious surfaces such as driverways, sidewalks and streets, which prevents the runoff from soaking into the ground.

Stormwater runoff can pick up debris, chemicals, dirt and other pollutants and flow into the storm sewer system or directly into lakes, rivers, ponds and wetlands. Anything that enters the storm sewer system is then discharged into bodies of water we use for swimming, fishing and providing drinking water. This in turn can increase costs for treating our drinking water.

In an attempt to educate the community on ways to prevent the potential for storm water pollution, we ask that residents be aware of the direct links between land activities and rainfall and snow melt runoff that drains into storm drains and ends up in our rivers and streams. Clean up pet waste to keep it out of street gutters; sweep up grass clippings and rake leaves to keep yardwaste debris from blowing into street gutters; apply lawn fertilizer and pesticides sparingly; control soil erosion on your property by planting ground cover; clean up spilled automotive fluids such as oil, anti-freeze and transmission fluids from driveways and don’t hose the spills into the street. Please do your part to help eliminate storm water pollution. For information on disposal of hazardous waste and pollution prevention, contact Kane County at 630-208-5118. For more recycling information, send an email to or call 630-208-3841.

Waste Management Holiday Pick-up Information

Waste Management Recognized Holidays - In the event that any of the following holidays fall on a weekday, all refuse, yard-waste, and recyclable collections services on that day, and for the remainder of that week, shall be delayed one day after the recognized holiday. This will generally result in trash collection on Saturday for your regular Friday pick-up. 

The following are the RECOGNIZED HOLIDAYS that will affect trash pick-up in 2015:

New Years Day 1/1 - Trash pick up Saturday Jan. 3

Memorial Day 5/25 - Trash pick up Saturday May 30

Independence Day 7/4  - Trash pick up will be on Friday July 3 as usual (due to the holiday falling on Saturday)

Labor Day 9/7 - Trash pick up Saturday Sept. 12

Thanksgiving Day 11/26 - Trash pick up Saturday Nov. 28

Christmas Day 12/25 - Trash pick up Saturday Dec. 26

All other holidays such as Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Columbus Day, or Veterans Day WILL NOT affect your regular Friday trash pick-up.


Southwest Fox Valley Cable Consortium

The Village of North Aurora would like to remind residents that pertinent information about our community is always available on the Southwest Fox Valley Cable Consortium's public access channel.  

Additionally, please take a moment to complete a short survey (5-10 minutes to complete) which is designed to give Comcast customers in the Southwest Fox Valley Cable and Telecommunications Consortium communities (North Aurora, Plano, Sandwich and Yorkville) an opportunity to assist the Consortium in determining cable-related needs and interests as provided for by the Federal Cable Act (47 U.S.C. 546(a)(1)) and local ordinances. To take the survey, please click the link below: 

Water Department to Upgrade Meter Reading Equipment

The North Aurora Water Department will be upgrading some of the meter reading equipment located on the exterior of houses in various locations throughout the village, over the next 6 months.  Please be advised, these equipment upgrades will not affect or interrupt your water service.  Water department technicians will be performing this work and residents should not be concerned if they notice a village vehicle and/or village water technician working on the meter at their home.  Please contact the North Aurora Water Department at 630-897-8228, ext. 223 with any questions or concerns you may have. 

History of North Aurora book - Now Just $15

Stop by the Village Hall and pick up your copy of the "History of North Aurora" book - now just $15.

This book is a wonderful history of your community from the early days of when it was settled through life in the 1940's. This history provides some very interesting facts about North Aurora. There are numerous pictures on every page that provide a visual history as well. 

Be sure to stop in soon to purchase a copy.

Bricks Available for Purchase for Veteran's Memorial

Memorial Bricks are available for purchase for the Veteran's Memorial Plaza.

Engraved bricks are placed in the Veteran's Memorial Plaza as a way to honor and recognize North Aurora Residents who have served and given their lives in service of the United States.

Single 8x8 bricks are $75 - Two bricks are $125

If you would like to honor a veteran by purchasing a brick, please stop by the North Aurora Village Hall at 25 E. State Street to pick up an order form or call 630-897-8228 for more information. 

Fire District provides Lockbox Program for Senior Citizens

Did you know that the North Aurora Fire District provides lockboxes for residences of senior citizens who live alone or any resident with an illness or injury that would prevent them from answering the door in the event of an emergency situation?

There is a $20 deposit for the lockbox and it would be installed by the Fire District. The lockbox would only be accessed by the Fire District in an emergency and remains the property of the Fire District.

When the resident moves or requests removal, the lockbox would be removed and the $20 deposit would be refunded.

Residents who would like to obtain a lockbox or would like further information regardng this program, should contact the Fire Station at 630-897-9698. 

Contact Village Hall

Village of North Aurora
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