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Committee of the Whole Minutes

AUGUST 19, 2019

Mayor Berman called the meeting to order.

In attendance: Mayor Dale Berman, Trustees Mark Gaffino, Mike Lowery, Laura Curtis, Mark Carroll, Tao Martinez, Mark Guethle and Village Clerk Lori Murray.

Staff in attendance: Village Administrator Steve Bosco, Finance Director Bill Hannah, Community & Economic Development Director Mike Toth, Water Superintendent Paul Young, Police Chief David Fisher, Captain/Fire Marshal Eric Bunkofske and Village Attorney Kevin Drendel.


1. Animal Code Amendments
A draft ordinance was provided for review.
-The definition for “emotional support animal” and “service animal” was added.
-Maximum number of domestic animals per household would be four (4) with no limit on the number of one specific species.
-The number of emotional support animals and service animals would be included in the number of total animals allowed of four (4). Any premises that has more than this allowed number as of the effective date of the adopted ordinance will be grandfathered.
-Farm animals would be allowed under the proposed amendments as a service animal or emotional support animals.
-Owners will be required to register their emotional support or service animal if it is not a domesticated animal.
-In reference to animal nuisances, an animal will be prohibited from making excess noise outside for more than ten (10) consecutive minutes between the hours of 7 am and 9 pm and for more than five (5) consecutive minutes between the hours of 9:01 pm and 6:59 am.

Trustee Lowery asked if a person requested a cow as an emotional support animal, if it would be allowed. Mike Toth said that it would be and that a doctor’s note would need to be submitted. Trustee Lowery suggested adding a size/weight limit to those allowable animals.
Toth said that a weight exemption could be added to the ordinance.

Gaffino noted that there should be some sort of containment for these animals.

Trustee Carroll asked why the Village would grandfather in the resident with 6 ducks if they are not currently within code. Village Administrator Steve Bosco stated that the resident does have a doctor’s note. Carroll said the Village should have it written into the ordinance that requires them to still register even if they are grandfathered.

Trustee Curtis asked why farm animals were added into the ordinance. Curtis said she was in favor of the weight restriction. Bosco said that the definition of foul could be removed from farm animal. Carroll asked if the village could specify that it will only allow certain types of farm animals such as foul and pig and not include other types. Atty. Drendel said this is a developing area but this could probably be done. Carroll said he would like to include only chickens and pot belly pigs.

In the definition of “Dangerous Animal”, the board was in agreement with removing the reference, “not native to North America” from the ordinance.

Atty. Drendel noted that a medical provider would make a determination that a particular animal is necessary for emotional support.

In reference to Trustee Gaffino’s concern, Toth said he could look at the confinement provisions. Curtis said that with confinement, it will possibly result in neighbors thinking it is unsightly or a nuisance.

Trustee Martinez suggested reviewing on a case by case basis.

Lowery asked, in reference to the resident with six ducks, if they would need to adhere to the current ordinance once one of the ducks passes away. Bosco said yes and that has already been discussed with the resident.

Bosco summarized that the ordinance would be revised to allow pigs and foul and include a 200-pound limit for the animals.

Carroll said that anything not specifically allowed should be excluded.

Motion to adjourn made by Trustee Lowery and seconded by Trustee Curtis. All in favor. Motion approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lori J. Murray
Village Clerk


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