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Plan Commission Minutes

JUNE 6, 2017

Chairman Mike Brackett called the meeting to order.

In attendance: Chairman Mike Brackett, Commissioners Anna Tuohy, Aaron Anderson, Doug Botkin, Mark Bozik, Connie Holbrook, Tom Lenkart (arrived at 7:07 p.m.). Not in attendance: Mark Rivecco, Jennifer Duncan.

Staff in attendance: Community & Economic Development Director Mike Toth, Village Clerk Lori Murray, Dave Hanson, Administrative Intern.

1. Approval of Plan Commission Minutes dated March 7, 2017
Motion for approval made by Commissioner Tuohy and seconded by Commissioner Bozik. All in favor. Motion approved.

1. Site Plan Approval
The site plan approval to be discussed is for a 2100 s.f. drive-thru coffee shop in the Orchard Commerce PUD. It would be attached to a 2500 s.f. commercial retail space. Staff has reviewed the plans and confirms that they comply with the Village’s Zoning Ordinance and the Comprehensive Plan. Staff recommended one condition, which is to have the rooftop units screened.

Andy Stein of Clark Street Real Estate, addressed the Commission. They are the contract purchasers of Lot 17 of the Orchard Commerce Center. It is a 1.6 acre lot at the southwest corner of Orchard and Garden Road. They are looking to build a 4600 s.f. building that would be comprised of two tenants, a coffee user and a retail or restaurant user. Forty-four parking spaces are planned for the development. Stein said they are trying to stay consistent with the PUD requirements as well as match the adjacent commercial users on Orchard. Stein said that they would have no issue with the requirement to screen the rooftop units. There would be a low monument sign for both tenants at the corner of Orchard Gateway. Water will be detained to the south in a regional detention pond which was a part of the original development of Orchard Commerce Center.

Commissioner Botkin asked if the garbage truck would be able to make the turn to access the dumpsters. Andy Stein replied, yes.

(Lenkart arrived 7:07 p.m.)

Commissioner Tuohy asked if there was enough space at the northeast corner for two cars to make the turn at the same time. Toth said that this was reviewed and the aisle widths meet code and that there is an additional radii, given the soft curb. Tuohy asked if there has been any other interest in the other space. Stein said they are currently marketing that area.

Commissioner Bozik asked if the trash enclosure is a shared or dedicated enclosure. Stein said it will be a shared dumpster. Bozik said his concern is to ensure that there is plenty of space to accommodate the enclosed dumpster for both tenants.

Bozik asked if the existing foundation is being pulled and if they are starting from scratch. Andy Stein stated that they will look to reuse some of the existing utilities and reusing some of the slab that was there.

Commissioner Anderson asked about the timeline. Stein said they would like to start in September/October with an opening in the first quarter of 2018. Aaron asked if Clarke Street will be the construction manager. Stein said that Clarke Street is a full service real estate development company. They hire a general contractor and separately have a design and construction group.

Commissioner Lenkart said that at the northwest corner, there is an in-and-out access, a drive-thru and a north/south in-and-out. He is concerned about congestion. Toth said that having a two-way drive aisle will help alleviate the congestion.

Motion made by Commissioner Anderson and seconded by Commissioner Lenkart to approve the site plan subject to staff recommendations. All in favor. Motion approved.

1. None

Motion to adjourn made by Commissioner Lenkart and seconded by Commissioner Tuohy. All in favor. Motion approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lori J. Murray
Village Clerk

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