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Committee of the Whole Minutes

OCTOBER 21, 2019

Mayor Berman called the meeting to order.

In attendance: Mayor Dale Berman, Trustee Mark Gaffino, Trustee Mike Lowery, Trustee Laura Curtis, Trustee Mark Carroll, Trustee Tao Martinez, Trustee Mark Guethle, Village Clerk Lori Murray

Staff in attendance: Village Administrator Steve Bosco, Finance Director Bill Hannah, Community & Economic Development Director Mike Toth, Village Attorney Kevin Drendel, Public Works Director John Laskowski, Police Chief Dave Fisher.


1. Aurora Packing Company Concept Plan
Aurora Packing is located at 125 S. Grant Street. Community & Economic Development Director Mike Toth said that he has been working with the owners regarding an operational addition to the building and it will be an elaborate redevelopment of the site. Toth asked for board feedback on the plan. If it moves forward, it would require a full public hearing process.

John Whitehouse, engineer and land surveyor with Engineering Enterprises, addressed the board.

The owners have a contract to purchase the existing Winco Plastics building to the south. The new plan would keep the existing facility in operation during rehabilitation/reconstruction. The Winco facility would become Aurora Packing’s freezer, refrigeration, and warehouse facility. The existing large gravel area between the two buildings now would become a brand new meat packing facility. It will increase the size of the meat plant by 50%. North of the new facility, the existing cattle pens will stay and be in operation. When the new facility is ready to open, they will shut off the old section and demolition of the existing building would begin. All of the pavement on the FVPD property would be removed and the property would be returned and the lease terminated. It will be restored by Aurora Packing with seed and mulch.

This would be a special use under the PUD ordinance which would require full public hearing and full preliminary plans.

Whitehouse said that the redevelopment will clean up the entire site and provide a brand new building for the area. Both properties are zoned I-3. It is a permitted use. The owners will meet the parking requirement as well as the loading requirement. Whitehouse added that when the 149 Grant street subdivision was approved, the village vacated the part south Grant Street. The village reserved the right in the plat approval that if it ever wanted it dedicated as a public right of way again, they would just have to ask or require that the owner of the property rededicate that south Grant Street right of way. That would pertain to the Winco property and the gravel space between.

The first public hearing will be held on the first Tuesday in February.

Trustee Curtis asked if there would be an impact to the intersection of Grant and 25, due to the business doubling in size. Whitehouse said that truck traffic will increase and they will be doing a traffic analysis.

Trustee Lowery asked if there is a timeline for the 5 phases. Whitehouse said not at this time but guessed the timeframe to be about a year-and-a-half.

Trustee Guethle asked about the size of the new building. Whitehouse said that the old business is 77,000 s.f. and the new expansion is 119,000 s.f. Overall square footage will be 226,000.

Trustee Carroll asked if there will be any environmental impact with demolition of the existing building. Whitehouse said they do not expect any sort of environmental impact. The business will be required to get permitting from DNR and Army Corps of Engineers.

Whitehouse said that there is a 6,000 s.f. area that is owned by BNSF Railroad. Aurora Packing has contacted BNSF to buy the property.

Mayor Berman said that Aurora Packing has been a great neighbor and employer. Berman added that the presentation was one of the best as far as organization on what the plans are for this project.

2. Silo Restoration and Lighting Project
In August, the village received 3 bids ranging from $588,000 to $657,000 for the silo project. At that time the village only had $300,000 budgeted. Staff investigated why the price was so high and looked at alternative ways to move the project forward. After the village rejected the bids, staff contacted the architect and spoke to the low bidder. Some of the feedback received was that the bid documents were a bit ambiguous and there were not a lot of subcontractors bidding. Staff looked at using the Design Build methodology which is a little more efficient and offers a cost savings that could be realized. The design build is also known for delivering a project faster amount of time.

Staff proposed moving ahead with R.C. Wegman as the design build contractor.

The board was in favor of moving forward. Bosco said that staff will negotiate a contract and bring it back to the village board.

Motion to adjourn made by Trustee Lowery and seconded by Trustee Curtis. All in favor. Motion approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lori J. Murray
Village Clerk


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