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North Aurora Days Committee Minutes

Monday, December 9, 2019
Call to Order
Mark Gaffino called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.
Mark Gaffino, Doug Botkin, Jessi Watkins, Carolyn Bird Salazar, Holly O’Brien, Robyn Stecklein, Steve Bosco, Bill Hannah and David Hansen.
Approval of Minutes
Doug Botkin made a motion to approve the September 9th, 2019 meeting minutes, which were seconded by Carolyn Bird Salazar.
Motion to Approve: All in Favor
1. Bands
The committee reviewed and discussed band options for North Aurora Days 2020. After the presentation was over, the committee selected about a dozen bands that could work for 2020. After further discussion, the bands were tentatively put into a schedule: Friday, August 7th bands - the Moods and ARRA, Saturday, August 8th - Whiskey Romance, Ali Morgan, and Student Body, and Sunday, August 9th - Cap’n Funk and the Groove Train. The committee asked staff to start booking bands as soon as possible.
2. Fireworks
Fireworks were briefly discussed. North Aurora Days Chairman Mark Gaffino asked staff to reach out to the firework company, Melrose Pyrotechnics, to see what type of shows they could provide for $12,000. Melrose currently does the July 3rd fireworks show for the Village.
3. Discussion of North Aurora Days
Village Administrator Steve Bosco shared that staff reached out to Clocktower Plaza about hosting North Aurora Days 2020. Clocktower Plaza management said they would be happy to host North Aurora Days again. Bosco also mentioned that staff reached out to the management of Target, JCP, and Preferred Reality in regards to using the Towne Center parking lot as a future location of North Aurora Days. JCP and Preferred Reality said that they would be okay with it while Target said they would not allow it at this time. Bosco said that staff plans to reach out to Target and try to get an answer on why they are not willing to allow the event there. The committee mentioned that they would like to discuss events, vendors, and other ideas at the next meeting.
Mark Gaffino made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:10 p.m., which was seconded by Holly O-Brien.
Motion to Adjourn: All in Favor
Respectfully submitted,
David Hansen

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