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Service Committee Minutes

MAY 20, 2019

Trustee Gaffino called the meeting to order.

In attendance: Trustee Mark Gaffino, Trustee Mike Lowery, Mayor Dale Berman, Trustee Tao Martinez.

Staff in attendance: Village Administrator Steve Bosco, Public Works Director John Laskowski, Police Chief Dave Fisher.


1. Approval of the Services Committee Minutes dated March 18, 2019
Motion for approval made by Trustee Lowery and seconded by Trustee Martinez. All in favor. Motion approved.

1. Public Works Policy Curb and Gutter Repair
Public Works Director John Laskowski said that residents have been inquiring about the village policy for replacing curbs. The current policy is that curb and gutter are replaced when the village does the street maintenance program. The curb is only replaced on the streets where maintenance is being performed. Laskowski noted that when residents call, the village will go out and look at the curb and gutter and if it is no longer performing its function, the village will patch with asphalt until it is addressed through a street maintenance program. Mayor Berman asked what happens if a curb is so deteriorated that it can’t be patched with asphalt. Laskowski said he has not yet come across such an issue. Most residents complain about the depressed curbs (which runs flat at the end of driveways). Bosco said that there should be a paragraph in the policy explaining aprons, depressions and actual curb work. Bosco added that if there is a substantial structural failure of a curb, the village should hire a company to fix it right away, especially in an emergency situation.

Laskowski mentioned the three types of curbs:
Barrier curb – curb is vertical, 6 inches in height, box-like structure that acts as a barrier.
Mountable curb – traditional roll type curb, 3 inches tall.
Depressed curb – curb is almost flush and the cuts are very low, 1-1/2 inches tall. This type of curb can be found in the new subdivisions in town.

Bosco said that the next step would be for the village board to review the policy.

2. Prescription Drug Program
Steve Bosco said that this item is in regard to a potential prescription drug/medication drop off program. Staff contacted some of the towns in the area (Batavia, Geneva and Naperville), the Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off site, DuPage County, Fox Metro and Kane County. Staff also reached out to LB Medwaste as they are a private contractor that does this as a business.
Three options for the prescription drug program:
1. Police Department - The police department would house this and the village would
purchase a box for approximately $2,000. The police department would collect, inventory and transport the prescription drugs to a location for disposal. With this option, the village would not collect sharps. Staff time would require two officers and would equal 4 hours a week.

2. Private company – The village would hire a company such as LB Medwaste. Cost could
be $5000 - $10,000/yr. They could collect the boxes, transport and destroy what is collected. Sharps would be accepted for collection with this option.

3. Existing prescription drug drop-off programs – Utilize existing programs. People would
take the drugs to the facilities and drop them off themselves. Drop-off locations would be the Fox Metro facility, Kane County building, Kane County Sheriff’s office, Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off. Bosco noted that Walgreens’ 24-hour locations around North Aurora have prescription drug free drop-off. The nearest one is the Walgreens at the corner of Route 31 and Indian Trail.

Bosco asked if it is a benefit to start a program like this for the village. Chief Fisher said he is not aware of a lot of people asking for this service. Trustee Gaffino said he has never had anyone inquire about such a program. Trustee Lowery asked if there is a need and suggested option 3 where residents can go to different location to drop off their own prescriptions. Trustee Martinez said he believed there is a need.

Bosco and the village board discussed a once-a-year cleanup event where residents can drop off their prescriptions, shred documents, possible electrical drop-off and other types of clean up. Bosco said he would look into this further and bring information back for the board to review.


Motion to adjourn made by Trustee Lowery and seconded by Mayor Berman. All in favor. Motion approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lori J. Murray
Village Clerk

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