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North Aurora Days Committee Minutes

Monday, March 11, 2019

Call to Order
Mark Gaffino called the meeting to order at 6:02 p.m.

Mark Gaffino, Doug Botkin, Jessi Watkins, Kim Haeger, Robyn Stecklein, Bill Hannah, Steve Bosco, and David Hansen.

Approval of Minutes
Kim Haeger made a motion to approve the February 11, 2019 meeting minutes which were seconded by Jessi Watkins.

Motion to Approve: All in Favor


1. Discussion of VIP Tent
Jessi Watkins updated the committee on the VIP tent. Watkins asked the committee if the VIP tent should be available for sponsors again this year. The committee was in support for trying the VIP tent again, but with more options to attract sponsors to come to the festival. Some ideas included having a portable bar in the tent, food and drink tickets, bottled water, private port-a-john, digital signboards to display sponsor names, and potentially lounge seating rather than picnic tables. The sponsors would still need to pay for alcoholic beverages. The committee thought a revamped VIP tent would be beneficial and discussed what sponsors would be allowed access to the VIP tent. After discussion, the committee thought that diamond, platinum, gold, and silver sponsors should be able to access the tent. Each sponsorship level would be given a certain amount of tickets to access the tent: Diamond (12), Platinum (8), Gold (4), and Silver (2). The committee also discussed if tickets to access the VIP tent should be sold to public for a small fee, but no decision was made at this time.

2. Discussion of North Aurora Days
Jessi Watkins also updated the committee on the carnival. Watkins mentioned that she received the contract from Fundways. The contract states that the amusements would be open Friday (5-11:30pm) and Saturday (2-11:30pm). Amusements include an 80 foot slide, giant swing, tazz ride, wind jammer, apples (kids ride), 24 foot climbing wall, and three carnival games. Fundways would sell tickets and staff all the rides. Tickets would be $1 a piece with each ride costing between $3 and $5. Fundways’s contract also mentions that they would pay $1,500 towards renting out the car wash. In years past, the Village has paid the car wash $1,750 to rent out it for the festival.

Doug Botkin updated the committee on events. Botkin mentioned that the emergency vehicle parade has been confirmed. Botkin said he is still working on the touch-a-truck, fishing derby, and pet parade. Watkins mentioned that the balloon artist, face painter, and petting zoo will be back for 2019. Watkins also stated that NOARDA is working on including food and music for the Run-for-the-Riverfront event. The committee also discussed the option of having a talent show on Saturday from 2-4pm since the first band does not start until 4pm. After discussion, the committee thought that the talent show should only include kids of a certain age group this year since it’s the first year. The talent show will be discussed in more detail in upcoming meetings.

Finance Director, Bill Hannah, updated the committee on sponsorship levels. Hannah mentioned that the banners on State Street are included in diamond, platinum, and gold sponsorships, but silver sponsors can purchase one for an additional $300. The committee asked how long they are typically up for. After discussion the committee agreed that the banners should be kept up for a minimum of two months (July and August).

North Aurora Days Chairman, Mark Gaffino, updated the committee on bands and volunteers. Gaffino mentioned that all six bands contract have been signed and that the volunteer post on Facebook reached over 2,000 people. Gaffino also stated that in the future the committee should create some policies to clarify certain topics for the event. This would provide the committee and staff more guidance when reaching out to vendors and sponsors.

Village Administrator Steve Bosco updated the committee on Sunday’s Party in the Park event. Bosco mentioned that staff reached out to the three margarita vendors regarding selling food and beer this year and got one response. One vendor mentioned that selling beer would be okay, but adding food would make the process more complicated. As a result the committee discussed what food vendors should be part of Sunday’s event. Beer sales and margarita prices were also discussed. Upon discussion, each beverage would be 12oz with margaritas and imports being $5 and domestics being $4.

Kim Haeger updated the committee on food truck vendors and beer tent beer distributors. Haeger asked the committee if they thought it was a good idea for food vendors to choose if they wanted to arrive at 2pm or 4pm on Saturday. Haeger also shared that she reached out to Euclid and Superior regarding beer prices. Superior offered a $2,500 sponsorship and their price per case was about $2 cheaper than Euclid resulting in approximately $500 cheaper than Euclid overall ($2,800 vs $2,300). Since the committee decided to go with cans this year, an ice chest may be needed as well as additional recycling bins. Bosco said that the Village will ask the ice company that drops off ice for Sunday’s event to drop off an ice chest and ice at the Clock Tower Plaza on Friday. Bosco also mentioned staff will reach out to Waste Management regarding recycling bins.

Steve Bosco made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:09 p.m. which was seconded by Bill Hannah.

Motion to Adjourn: All in Favor

Respectfully Submitted,
David Hansen

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