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North Aurora Days Committee Minutes

Monday, April 8, 2019

Call to Order
Mark Gaffino called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Mark Gaffino, Doug Botkin, Jessi Watkins, Kim Haeger, Holly O’Brien, Robyn Stecklein, Bill Hannah, Steve Bosco, David Fisher, Dale Berman,and David Hansen.

Approval of Minutes
Kim Haeger made a motion to approve the March 11, 2019 meeting minutes which were seconded by Jessi Watkins.
Motion to Approve: All in Favor


1. Discussion of North Aurora Days
North Aurora Chairman, Mark Gaffino began the meeting by introducing newly appointed North Aurora Days committee member Holly O’Brien which replaces the vacant position previous held by Sarah Deer. Gaffino, other appointed committee members (Doug Botkin, Kim Haeger, and Jessi Watkins) and Village staff introduced themselves and thanked O’Brien for her interest and for joining the committee.

Finance Director, Bill Hannah, updated the committee on sponsorships. Hannah mentioned that the sponsorship brochure was sent out about two weeks ago and that the Village has received eight sponsors so far which is about average at this point.

Administrative/GIS Analyst, David Hansen, updated the committee on ice, the carnival permit, and Sunday’s event. Hansen asked the committee if ice would be needed for the beer tent since cans will be used this year. The committee agreed they would need ice and asked Hansen to reach out to the ice vendor and ask if they could restock the ice chest on Saturday morning. Hansen mentioned that the carnival permit was approved by the Village Board and is awaiting signature by the carnival owner to finalize the application. Village Administrator, Steve Bosco, mentioned that at the April 1st Village Board meeting the Board approved the special events permit for North Aurora Days as well as an agreement with Randall Oaks to use their property again this year for fireworks.

Hansen also asked the committee if the tents for the margarita vendors should be placed in the same location as the last two year. After discussion, the committee agreed to have the tents in the same location as previous years. Hansen also mentioned that after reaching out to the margarita vendors that they were interested in serving beer, but not food. The committee agreed that that the margarita vendors may sell beer, but food will be done by a different vendor. The committee mentioned that they will reach out to a local business to see if they would like to be the food vendor for Sunday’s event. However, if the local business cannot do the Sunday event, the committee will contact food vendors from last year to see if they are interested. The committee also plans on reaching out to Oberweis to see if they would like to be part of the Sunday event again. Pricing for the margaritas and beer will be determined over the next few months.

Doug Botkin updated the committee on events. Botkin mentioned that the pet parade will be back again this year and will be on Sunday at 12pm (same as past years). Botkin also stated that the fishing derby and touch-a-truck event will occur again this year. Gaffino mentioned that he could coordinate the touch-a-truck event this year. Robyn Stecklein said she would provide Gaffino a list of the touch-a-truck participants from previous years.

Police Chief, David Fisher, updated the committee on police operations. Fisher mentioned that officers will be ready to go and that trucks from Public Works as well as jersey barriers will be used again at the entrances for safety purposes.

Jessi Watkins updated the committee on the VIP tent, petting zoo, talent show, and Run for the Riverfront event. Watkins mentioned that she reached out to a company and got a quote regarding a bar and furniture for the VIP tent. The committee mentioned that there should be a limit on how many people can attend the VIP tent per sponsor. The committee also mentioned the VIP tent’s food could come from the food vendors on site. Hannah mentioned that the Village could pay the food vendors in food and beverage tickets.
Watkins also said she booked the same petting zoo as last year (Happy Farms) for $800 which will be from 2-6pm on Saturday. The committee also had a discussion about the talent show. Ideas included keeping the talent show to teens aged 12-17, making a time limit for each act, and possibly reviewing acts via YouTube for act quality /if there is a need to whittle down the number of entries. Watkins and O’Brien mentioned that they will work together on the details and provide an update next meeting. Watkins also updated the committee on the Run for the Riverfront event. Watkins mentioned that the event may use 95.9 The River radio station to advertise. Watkins stated that event packets will be available for pick up the week of the event at the North Aurora Police Department.

Kim Haeger updated the committee on the food vendor application and the beer distributor. Haeger asked the committee what time frame food vendors should be required to stay on Saturday. The committee mentioned that all vendors need to be there by 4pm and stay until midnight for safety purposes. However vendors can show up as early as 2pm on Saturday if they would like since the carnival and petting zoo start at 2pm. Haeger also mentioned that she will be meeting with Superior this month to discuss beer options and logistics.
Mark Gaffino mentioned that the Color Guard will be at the event on Friday to kick the event/weekend off. Gaffino also mentioned all the band contracts have been signed and that he appreciates all the hard work that has gone into planning so far.

Mark Gaffino made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:01 p.m. which was seconded by Doug Botkin.

Motion to Adjourn: All in Favor

Respectfully Submitted,
David Hansen

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