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Committee of the Whole Minutes

DECEMBER 17, 2018

Mayor Berman called the meeting to order.

In attendance: Mayor Dale Berman, Trustee Mark Gaffino, Trustee Mike Lowery, Trustee Laura Curtis, Trustee Mark Carroll, Trustee Tao Martinez, Trustee Mark Guethle, Village Clerk Lori Murray.

Staff in attendance: Village Administrator Steve Bosco, Community & Economic Development Director Mike Toth, Public Works Director John Laskowski, Police Chief Dave Fisher, Village Attorney Kevin Drendel.


1. Randall Terrace Land Use and Concept Plan Review
The property is currently zoned commercial in the PUD agreement. The property owner would like to modify it to accommodate residential use. A market study was done and the proposal is for a gated residential community: 66 rental units/apartments consisting of three 3-story buildings, 167 parking spaces (30 of which would have a garage), pool and clubhouse. The units would include 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units from 830 s.f. - 1400 s.f. All buildings would have an elevator. All balconies would face a central courtyard. Rental cost would be approximately $1600/month.

The property owner said that he would like to break ground next year.

Community & Economic Development Director Mike Toth noted that this plan would have to come back to the village for zoning.

Trustee Curtis asked about the comprehensive plan and what is recommended for the area. Toth said the comprehensive plan shows it as regional/commercial for the entire area. Curtis asked if there has been any commercial interest for the area recently. Toth said no.

Trustee Guethle asked how long the owner has been sitting on the land. Toth said since 2001.

Trustee Lowery asked what would be the difference in revenue with commercial and residential. Toth said property taxes.

Lowery asked if covered parking would be included. Sorrentino said no, but that there would be 30 garages.

Guethle asked how many 3 bedrooms would be built. Sorrentino said there would be nine. The property would mainly consist of one and two bedrooms units.

Trustee Carroll asked if there would be a dog park. Sorrentino said yes.

Mayor Berman said he liked the idea that it would be a gated community.

The Board appeared to be in favor of allowing residential as an acceptable use for the property.

2. 1100 Orchard Gateway Fencing Material Amendment
In 2015, the Plan Commission added a condition that any fencing around a property at this location would be of a black ornamental design. The site plan ordinance was amended this year. The property owner has a new tenant, Glanbia Performance Nutrition, and a part of the lease states that they would install a fence around the property. Unfortunately, 75% of the fence was put up in chain link material. Further installation of the fence has been halted.

Josh Bauer of the Opus Group said that the cost to install the remainder of the fence with a black ornamental design would be $75,000 over their original budget. Cost to remove the existing chain link fence and re-install with an ornamental fence would be $450,000. Bauer requested amending the current ordinance to allow the existing fence to remain and to install the remainder with a black ornamental fence. Bauer noted that when Glanbia (tenant) did the buildout, the permit did not reference chain link. It only stated that the fence would be 8 feet tall.

Bauer asked that they be allowed to install ornamental aluminum fencing at Gateway and Randall which is most visible and allowing the existing chain link to remain.

Trustee Lowery said the chain link would still be visible where the berm is located.

Lowery asked why this was not budgeted into the builder’s plan. Bauer replied that it was simply a miss on their part. Lowery suggested they extend their fence to the corner of the building. Lowery added that the fence is also visible along Orchard Gateway on the west side of the building and to add ornamental fencing at that location.

Trustee Curtis said that the Village has an ordinance for a reason and the village has a responsibility to maintain the aesthetics. To allow the chain link fence would not be a good fit for the village.

Trustee Martinez said that losing the tenant would result in the village losing a lot of jobs, however, would want to make the appearance of the building a good one for the village. Trustee Gaffino agreed with Trustee Lowery and said he was not happy with the fencing situation. He suggested taking the ornamental fencing down 200 feet further than Lowery’s suggestion. Gaffino said that the cost of the ornamental fence should have been budgeted and asking for relief after the fact did not sit well with him.

Trustee Carroll asked about the number of employees for Glanbia. Bauer said he believed it was 100 and would confirm at the next meeting.

Carroll said that this is the third time in three years this has been before the board and the village has bent over backwards to accommodate.

Lowery suggested compromising by installing the aluminum fence to the corner.

Curtis said that the village needs to look at uniformity between the buildings and that the ordinance is in place for a reason. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing and that if the village makes an exception for one group it will be doing it for every other development.

Trustee Guethle suggested a black coated link fence.

The board suggested looking at the cost of extending the aluminum to the corner and then the black coated link fence for the rest, including landscaping such as arborvitaes around the fence.

Bauer said he would discuss this with his colleagues.

Martinez asked about the length of the tenant’s lease. Answer was ten years.

The committee suggested aluminum fencing down to the southernmost point and along the frontage that is parallel with Orchard Gateway.

3. Silo Restoration/Illumination
Currently there is $300,000 in the TIF Budget for this project for restoration and illumination. The primary goal is to make it safe and illuminate the silo. The Aurora Visitors and Convention Bureau has made the village aware of a grant which the village has applied for. The total estimated cost for the restoration will be $130,000.00, with additional costs for the illumination, based on the option(s) selected.

The current silo is a tan color. It will be painted in white since that best reflects light. Windows will be framed. The original concept included a deck around the base of the silo and a public space. The design firm included a lower observation deck which would be 20 feet up the silo.

Trustee Guethle asked what grant would be appropriate for this project. Bosco said it would be the tourism grant.

Cost breakdown of options:
Light Beam (cluster) (1 beam) $ 12,075.00
Light Beam (group of beams) $ 28,175.00
RGB Lighting for Windows: $ 13,225.00
Flood Uplighting: $110,400.00
Direct View Light Ribbon: $ 35,650.00
Projection (Gobos): $ 96,600.00
Mesh Light System: $ 44,505l00

Lighting Controls: $12,000.00 or $32,000.00

Lighting Options Total: $372,630.00

The board was in favor of illuminating the silo from the bottom as well as having a group of beams on top with the following options:

Lighting Controls $ 12,000.00
Light Beam (group of beams) $ 28,175.00
Flood Uplighting: $110,400.00
RGB Lighting for Windows: $ 13,225.00
Total Options $163,800.00

Bosco reiterated that with the $130,000 for the restoration and $163,800 for the for the lighting controls, and the selected three lighting options, the total would be approximately $293,800, which is within the budgeted amount.

The FAA will have to review the proposal due to the beams being directed into the sky.


Motion to adjourn made by Trustee Guethle and seconded by Trustee Carroll. All in favor. Motion approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lori J. Murray
Village Clerk






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