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Plan Commission Minutes

APRIL 7, 2015

Chairman Brackett called the meeting to order.

In attendance: Chairman Mike Brackett, Co-chairman Jennifer Duncan, Commissioners Mark Rivecco, Anna Touhy, Aaron Anderson, Tom Lenkart, Mark Bozik and Doug Botkin. Not in attendance: Commissioner Connie Holbrook.

Staff in attendance: Community & Economic Development Director Mike Toth, Village Administrator Steve Bosco, Village Clerk Lori Murray.

1. Approval of Plan Commission Minutes dated February 3, 2015
Motion for approval made by Commissioner Rivecco and seconded by Commissioner Botkin. All in favor. Motion approved.


1. Site Plan Approval – Lot 1 Orchard Commons
A proposal for American Eagle Bank was submitted to the Plan Commission for site plan approval. The bank building will be on a 1.07 acre lot. The site will have 32 parking spaces and the building will be 4600 s.f. with four drive through lanes. The monument sign will be off the northeast corner of the lot. Entrance to the site will be through the south entrance. The exterior of the building will be masonry with stone on the bottom and brick to the top. Roof top mechanicals will be concealed at the roof drive-thru areas.

The property has already been granted a special use for a general commercial planned unit development, known as the Orchard Commons Planned Unit Development. Financial establishments are classified as a permitted use in the Orchard Commons PUD.

Commissioner Rivecco asked about the construction of the dumpster location. Petitioner stated that the dumpster location would be constructed of the same materials as the bank.

Commissioner Duncan noted that the curb and gutter is located on the north side and that is the dividing line between the next lot. Duncan asked if there would be landscaping between the two lots. The petitioner stated that the curb and gutter is set back five feet and there would be no fence. Duncan asked if the exit on the north end would run the length of all of the lots. Mike Toth said that it would be contiguous to the lot to the north, so it may not carry out for the entire development.

Commissioner Touhy was concerned with the turning radius for the road into the development. The petitioner stated that the radius was made as wide as possible without encroaching onto the other property. This was also reviewed with the Village Engineer and the Fire District with no concerns.

Commissioner Lenkart asked about sidewalks. Toth said the petitioner will be fulfilling the sidewalk requirements per the PUD. Lenkart asked if the monument sign is within code. Toth stated the sign would have to meet the PUD sign provision or separate obtain approvals.

Chairman Brackett noted that sidewalks are not required per the PUD and added his concern that there is no connection from the bank to the neighboring lots for a pedestrian pathway. Toth suggested an internal path. Brackett said he would like to see a sidewalk on Orchard for safety reasons. Lenkart said he too would like to see sidewalks. Toth said that sidewalk connectivity will be discussed in the Comprehensive Plan.

The petitioner said he would not have a problem putting in sidewalks. Toth said he could have the Village Engineers review feasibility of a sidewalk along Orchard Road. The Plan Commission suggested sidewalks be adjacent to Orchard Road. Further discussion on the sidewalks to continue at the next Plan Commission meeting.

Commissioner Anderson asked about the construction timeline. The petitioner said they have talked to the general contractor and would like to break ground on May 15th and open by the end of the year.

Motion made by Commissioner Lenkart and seconded by Commissioner Duncan to recommend approval of the site plan for American Eagle Bank, concurrent with the approved plan and staff recommendations. The Motion also included recommendation to install sidewalks adjacent to Orchard Road from south of the property. All in favor. Motion approved.

1. Comprehensive Plan Update
The last Steering Committee meeting will be held tomorrow night. Presentation of the draft plan will occur at the next Plan Commission meeting. The Village Board will be invited to join the Plan Commission at next month’s meeting.

The draft Comprehensive Plan will address the road realignment which will affect Deerpath & Tanner/Orchard roads. Commissioner Touhy mentioned that drivers currently travel at 50 mph along Deerpath which makes for dangerous conditions for drivers. Touhy asked about the possibility of stop signs at that intersection. Steve Bosco said he could bring this issue to the Police Department for a traffic study.

-Commissioner Bozik asked if there were any perspective businesses since MC Sports and NTB have closed their doors. Toth said there is nothing new for that development at this time.

-The Bull Dog Ale House sign has gone up and they are hoping to open in 30 days.
-Bosco said that after further review, Deerpath Road actually belongs to the township, but the Village can still work with the township to figure out what would be best for Deerpath Road in terms of safety and the possibility of installing stop signs.

-Damn Removal Project – funding is available for the project. The Village engineer will draw up a scope and bring it to the IDNR. Once they approve engineering, it goes to the Village Board for review. If reviews go well, a resolution would go to the Board for approval. The project will take 12-18 months to complete.

The Board just approved the bid for 900 trees and planting will be caught up by fall. The Village currently has only 100-200 ash trees left.

Motion to adjourn made by Commissioner Duncan and seconded by Commissioner Bozik. All in favor. Motion approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lori J. Murray
Village Clerk

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