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Snow Removal and Salt Use Policy 

Street Prioritization
Parking Restrictions
Damage to Parkways

Our goal is to provide for the clearing and removal of ice and snow from all Village streets and to assure safe travel throughout the Village.


• To have all streets, Cul-de-sac’s and dead ends plowed & spread within 8 hrs after cessation of the storm.

• To have Public Works initiate snow removal operations for major arterial streets when salt is no longer providing effective melting.

• To get the main roads, which are most widely used open as quickly and safely as possible.

• To prioritize snow and ice removal based on traffic volumes for the greatest level of safety to the greatest number of residents, as quickly as possible.

• Cul-de-Sacs pose a special challenge. The structure of cul-de-sacs makes them extremely difficult and time-consuming to plow. Due to the low traffic volume on these streets, the Village is usually only able to plow them after other streets have been plowed.

Police and Fire

• The Department of Public Works welcomes the input from both the Police and the Fire District with respect to the manner in which this policy is implemented and maintained. Additionally, the officer or the firefighter, who is in charge during a shift occurring before or after regularly scheduled business hours, will determine that traction control and /or snow plowing operations must be undertaken immediately in order to mitigate a hazardous situation on the roadway. Said officer or firefighter shall have the authority to directly contact the Public Works personnel designated for the purpose of traction control and/or snow removal.

Pre-Treating and Salt Application

• The Village uses liquid salt (brine) on Village streets. The liquid application maybe put on the roads up to 48 hours before a storm hits. This application will reduce the amount of ice and slippery conditions that may exist on the roads.

• The Village uses approximately 950 tons of salt in the average winter. This amount will vary depending upon the severity of the winter season.

Plowing Operations

Snow plowing equipment should always travel in the direction of traffic flow. The speed of the plow is normally 15MPH but will vary with the amount and type of snow fall, condition of the roadway and traffic. Snow plowing will not begin until snow is approximately 2” to 3” thick on the roadway and the application of salt has been given an opportunity to work.

Street Prioritization

Plowing priority is based on street usage and levels of traffic. The Village has a specific order in which the Village will prioritize:

First Priority streets are as follows:

Banbury Rd. Airport Rd.
Dee Rd. Bennett Dr.
Hartsfield Dr. Bauer Rd.
Mitchell Rd. Juniper Dr.
Oak Crest Dr. Meade Blvd.
Pinecreek Dr. Oak St.
Sharon Ln.Orchard Gateway
Long Ave. Sycamore Ln.
Wingfoot Dr. Randall Rd.
 Western Dr.
 White Oak Dr.
 Timber Oaks


• Secondary streets: Those collect and distribute vehicle traffic between the local street system and primary streets.

• Cul-de-sacs, alleys, dead ends, and sidewalks will be cleared last because they are very time-consuming and are the least traveled streets.


Guidelines for proper mailbox installation and placement:  U. S. Postal Service Mailbox Guidelines 

It is the policy of the Village of North Aurora to pay claims, or make physical repairs to mailboxes and or posts that have been Directly Hit by a snow plow blade or some portion of the plow truck. The Village is not liable and does not pay claims for mailboxes or posts that are damaged due to their inability to withstand the force of plowed snow. Home and business owners need to be aware that the force of snow being thrown by a plow during one heavy snowfall, or over a series of plowings, is substantial, and mailboxes need to be able to withstand the impact of plowed snow.

If a resident believes that their mailbox has been physically hit by a plow, they should call the Village of North Aurora at (630) 897-1457. We will send an employee out to investigate and take pictures of the damage. A mailbox hit by a plow will look demolished, or have a clear indication of being stuck by a plow blade. If a resident’s mailbox was hit by a plow, the Village will offer two options:

• The Village will provide and install a standard mailbox and /or post, or replace the existing mailbox or post; however, you must be aware that this repair or replacement may take several days depending on snowfall and work load.

• Residents may replace the mailbox themselves, with a maximum reimbursement up to $90 with a submitted receipt. 

In either case, residents must notify the Village of North Aurora Public Works Department of their decision before the resident does the repair.

If there is no evidence that the mailbox was hit by a plow, the resident will be so notified and instructed that the replacement of the mailbox is their responsibility. The resident will still have the right to file a claim against the Village of North Aurora if the resident believes the Village is liable, and it will be referred to the Village insurance carrier for resolution.

Snow plowing is difficult work that is usually done under poor conditions. Village employees are professionals who take pride in their work and when accidents happen, the Village will make every effort to acknowledge them and do what is necessary to make the proper repairs. In a similar manner, we would ask residents whose mailboxes are damaged by the force of snow to promptly undertake the necessary repairs themselves.

Parking Restrictions during Snow Removal

Ordinance No. 00-01-10-02 states - It shall be unlawful for any person to park a motor vehicle or, if parked, to allow a motor vehicle to remain parked or standing in any public street or alley during or after a snowfall in which there is an accumulation of two (2) inches of snow or more. This prohibition shall remain in effect until such time as the street or alley has been plowed or the snow has been removed there-from. A Village Street shall not be deemed to have been plowed until the lane of traffic nearest the curb has been plowed or the snow has been removed there-fore and pushed to within eight (8) inches of the curb.

Damage to Parkways

Every year, the Village’s efforts to remove snow from the streets and sidewalks may result in plow damage to lawns and parkways. If a lawn is accidentally damaged by a snow plow vehicle, please accept our apology in advance and call Village Hall at (630) 897-1457 to arrange for spring repair. Normally, damage to the parkway is caused by salt, and in this case will not be repaired by the Village.

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