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Police Department - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I obtain a police report and how much does it cost?
    Please see our Filing a Police Report page.
  2. Where can I get an Order of Protection against someone?
    An Order of Protection can be obtained from the Kane County States Attorneys office during business hours. More information is available at
  3. Someone has abandoned a junk car on my property. Can the police tow it away for me?
    Junk or abandoned vehicles on your property are your responsibility. However, the Village Code Enforcement Department can assist you. To contact them call (630) 897-1457 Ext. 231.
  4. We have problems with speeders in our neighborhood. What can be done about this?
    If you live in a PACT neighborhood, contact your PACT officer. Click here to find out if there is a PACT officer assigned to your area. If you don't live in a PACT neighborhood, go to the Forms page and fill out a Traffic Enforcement Request.
  5. How do I apply for a position at the Police Department?
    Please see our Employment page.
  6. Does the Police Department do fingerprinting and when can I get this done?
    Please see our Other Programs & Services page.
  7. How do I tell the difference between traffic citations and village ordinance/parking tickets? Where do I go to pay my traffic citation?
    Traffic citations have "Illinois Citation and Complaint" at the top. Ordinance tickets have "Ordinance Violation Ticket" at the top left.

    Payments of traffic citations are made through the Kane County Circuit Court Clerk's office located 540 S Randall Rd , in St Charles . The phone number is (630) 232-3413. Online payment is available at Be sure to allow ample time for processing prior to your court date.

    Village ordinance tickets, including parking tickets, may be paid in person at the Police Department or Village Hall during normal business hours or by US mail. Please do not send cash in the mail.
  8. Can I make a police report at any time of the day or do I need an appointment?
    Police reports can be made at anytime during the day and no appointment is needed. Simply call the Police Department and an Officer will be sent to your local residence or business. If it is more convenient, you can come to the Police Department and an Officer will fill out a desk police report for you.
  9. Can I make a police report out over the phone or does an officer have to show up at my house?
    Police reports must generally be made in person. You can come to the station or we can come to you if you are in the Village.
  10. Sometimes in my neighborhood, I see things that are out of place, or unusual, or people who are "suspicious." I don't really feel comfortable with calling the Police Department. Can you tell me the procedure?
    At any given time, there are Officers patrolling the streets. The North Aurora Police Department counts on the thousands of sets of eyes from our citizens to alert us to unusual situations as citizens know their neighbors & neighborhoods best. We will respond to every call for service, though higher priority calls will be handled first. Please remember, you are not bothering us and we NEED you to report suspicious and criminal activity. Your concerns are important to us. If you have an emergency, dial 911. For non-emergency calls, please call (630) 897-8705
  11. Can I renew my F.O.I.D. card at the North Aurora Police Department?
    No. All F.O.I.D. applications are available from the Illinois State Police. Go to
  12. Does North Aurora have a dog catcher?
    North Aurora does not have a dog catcher or animal control department but we contract with Kane County Animal Control for certain animal services. If someone has been bitten by a dog or other animal, you must call the North Aurora Police Department. The Animal Control Department only picks up stray dogs and not cats. More information is available at their website:
  13. Can we bring our scouting, school, or other group to the Police Department for a tour?
    Yes, call the Police Department and ask for the Crime Prevention Officer. They will then set up an appointment for your group to tour the Police Department. There is no charge.
  14. Is there someone available from the Police Department to give talks to groups?
    Our department has trained and qualified Officers that come to meetings or organizations and give programs on drugs, alcohol, juveniles, neighborhood watch programs, gangs, scam artists, and many more. Contact the Police Department at (630) 897-8705 for assistance.
  15. Can the police open my car if I have locked my keys inside?
    Yes. The department currently supplies its officers with tools to assist you in opening your vehicle. Though our attempts may not always prove successful, we are generally able to open your vehicle for you. The Department and its personnel are not responsible for any damage that may occur while attempting to unlock your vehicle.
  16. Why did it take so long for the police to come when I called them?
    All requests for police services are assigned to priority based on the seriousness of the incident and the potential for injury or damage to property. At times, calls of less urgent nature may be delayed so that we can respond immediately to emergencies.
  17. Does the Police Department trade patches or provide patches to the general public?
  18. I've seen cameras mounted on several traffic signal poles in North Aurora . Are these automated red light enforcement cameras?
    No, the Village of North Aurora does not have any automated red light enforcement cameras. The cameras at several intersections around town are used to control the traffic signals. They detect movement (i.e. a vehicle is present) at the intersection to help control the switching of the signals. With this set up, the signal stays green as long as there are no vehicles waiting at cross streets.

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