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Special Events

If any of the following criteria apply to your event then you need to apply for a Village of North Aurora Special Events Permit:

  1. It uses any Village property;
  2. It requires the closure of any public street, posting of “no parking” signs on public streets or blocking of any parking on public streets;
    1. Note: Special events are different from block parties, which need to be applied for through the North Aurora Police Department. For block party information click here.
  3. It uses any commercial parking lot and/or requires the blocking of any commercial parking area that reduces the number of required parking spaces established in Title 17 Chapter 13 Section 13;
    1. Note: Parking requirements can be found here.
  4. The sale of alcoholic liquor;
  5. Any event at which sound amplification equipment will be used 1. Sunday through Thursday - before 10:00 am and/or after 9:00 pm; or 2. Friday and Saturday before 10:00 am; and/or after 10:00 pm.

Tents and inflatables usage are not a condition for a Special Event Permit. See below for requirements for larger models.

If you will be serving food at your event, all Kane County Health Department requirements must be met. See below for contact information.

The property owner or person authorized by the property owner on which an outdoor special event is planned for which a permit is required, as provided in Section 5.70.020, shall submit an application to the Village. If the event property is not owned by applicant, a copy of the lease or other written evidence of consent or approval from the property owner is required with the application. 


If your event will be using a tent or inflatable over 400 square feet you will need approval and inspection from the North Aurora Fire Protection District.  They may be contacted at:
North Aurora Fire District
2 Monroe Street
North Aurora, IL 60542
Phone: 630-897-9698


If you will be serving food at your event, all Kane County Health Department requirements must be met. They may be contacted at:
Kane County Health Department
1240 North Highland Avenue
Aurora, IL 60506
Phone: 630-208-3801


Documents to be included with application:

  1. Special Events Permit Application
  2. Hold Harmless Agreement
  3. Certificate of Liability Insurance - Insurance coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 is required.
  4. A copy of lease and written evidence of permission from property owner if event applicant does not own the property
  5. Temporary Liquor Permit (if applicable)
  6. Fireworks Permit from North Aurora Fire Protection District (if applicable)


Other information:

All Special Event Permits must be approved by the Village of North Aurora board. The board meets on the first and third Mondays of each month and board agendas are finalized the previous Thursday. Please keep this timeline in mind when applying.

All Temporary Liquor Permits must be approved and signed by the Village President and Liquor Commissioner.

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