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Village Scavenger Hunt Returns for its Third Year

Village Scavenger Hunt Returns for its Third Year

Grab your magnifying glass, gumshoes, for the Scavenger Hunt returns for its third year!
In a nutshell, the Village’s Scavenger Hunt will have you and your team solving riddles to lead you to a total of 10 PUBLIC locations around town! The first three teams to complete the scavenger hunt win automatic prizes and all other teams are entered into a raffle for fourth place prize.
Below please find a list of rules for the event and we would like to emphasize in the name of safety that teams abide by all posted signs and are not in parks after dark.
All additional information (including PRIZES!) about the Scavenger Hunt can be found here.
1) You (or your team) must have at least one North Aurora resident to participate.
2) Please do not remove or tamper with clues.
3) Do not post or share riddles or locations; we want everyone to have fun and a chance to solve the riddles!
4) Make sure you write down each clue location as you will need to submit all ten at the end of the scavenger hunt.
5) Please adhere to all posted signs, including those that note parks close at dusk (one hour past sunset). This is for your own safety.
6) Have fun!
And now, without further ado, your first riddle!
Two green roofs make a pretty picture
Hills and paths and water appear
Our founders once walked these ways
There is so much wonder here.
Our gears are always turning
There are so many great ideas to be found
Every plan needs the right tools
Let’s pool our resources together and astound.
Village of North Aurora

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