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Water Division: Help Prevent Water Lines from Freezing

Water Division: Help Prevent Water Lines from Freezing

With the cold weather we’re currently experiencing, here are some suggestions from the Village’s Water Division to help avoid your water lines from freezing during these extreme temperatures.
• Keep the thermostat set the same during both the daytime and night.
• Open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to pipes under sinks (especially if it is on an outside wall).
• Seal air leaks coming into your home near any water pipes with caulk or insulation.
• Insulate pipes near any source of cold air coming into your home.
• If your pipes are susceptible to freezing you should leave water moving through the pipes by letting a faucet drip or trickle slightly. Moving water helps prevent pipes and meters from freezing.
• Do not leave your garden hose hooked up to your outside faucet. This can trap water in the valve portion of your faucet outside, freeze and burst causing a leak and potential damage to your home.
• If you plan to leave town or be away from your home or business for an extended period of time, you should always leave the heat set above 55 degrees and have a friend or neighbor check your house/business daily to make sure the heat is sufficient to prevent freezing.
For more information call the North Aurora Water Division at 630 897-2662.
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