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Committee of the Whole Minutes

AUGUST 7, 2017

Mayor Berman called the meeting to order.

In attendance: Mayor Dale Berman, Trustee Mark Gaffino, Trustee Mike Lowery, Trustee Laura Curtis and Trustee Tao Martinez. Not in attendance: Trustee Mark Carroll and Trustee Mark Guethle.

Staff in attendance: Village Administrator Steve Bosco, Finance Director Bill Hannah, Public Works Director John Laskowski, Police Chief Dave Fisher.




1. Discussion on Application Requirements for Tattoo License
Community & Economic Development Director Mike Toth stated that every tattoo establishment is required to register with the Village, annually. There is no clarification as to what the annual filing fee is for the establishment license. Each individual operator within the establishment is also required to register annually with no clear annual filing fee. There is an initial establishment fee of $250 per establishment and a $100 fee for the operator themselves. Each operator is required to submit testing results from communicable diseases. Each establishment is also required to have an on-call physician.

Toth recommended the following:
• Tattoo and body piercing operators would no longer be required to obtain a license with the Village on an annual basis and instead acquire a one-time license.
• Tattoo and body piercing operators would no longer be required to provide the Village with test results for communicable diseases.
• Tattoo establishments would no longer be required to have an on-call physician.

Trustee Curtis said she would like to get rid of as much regulation as possible. This would result in the business paying yearly fees in addition to any state licensing and other fees on top of that. Curtis asked what the Village is getting from having this additional fee on top of the state layer. Toth said one of the purposes to having them register annually is to have them provide the test results annually. However, requiring the establishment and the operators register annually is cumbersome.

Trustee Lowery asked if there is a way to monitor the health of the individuals working in the establishment. Toth said the tattoo establishments are regulated by a number of jurisdictions. They are required to register with the State of Illinois Tattoo and Body Piercing Establishment Registration Act and the Illinois Department of Health Body Art Code also specifies how they are to operate their business. The establishments are heavily regulated to ensure they maintain sterile environments. Lowery asked if there is a governmental body that monitors their health condition over time. Toth said that the Kane County Health Department would be the overseeing agency. Per the Village Attorney, there is no health benefit in having this requirement in the code and it only creates another administrative burden for the Village. Lowery asked for a periodic check of the operator’s health. Curtis said that if the Village requires this of a tattoo artist then it should be required of a dentist or a physician. Curtis added that this not the Village’s job or business and can be left to the County and the State.

Village Administrator Steve Bosco said that compared to surrounding communities, the Village of North Aurora is the only community, surveyed by the Village attorney, that requires a physician’s statement. The regulations are significant for the cleanliness of the establishment. Our code requires specific things be done to make sure the establishment is clean and sterile. The County will regulate.

Trustee Gaffino said he likes the changes that were made. In reference to the physician statements, he indicated that it should not be required. Bosco said that Staff can do more research from the Department of Health to see if there is something at the County or State level that is done regarding testing.


Motion to adjourn made by Trustee Curtis and seconded by Trustee Lowery. All in favor. Motion approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lori J. Murray
Village Clerk

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