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Committee of the Whole Minutes

DECEMBER 19, 2016

Mayor Berman called the meeting to order.

In attendance: Mayor Dale Berman, Trustee Laura Curtis, Trustee Chris Faber, Trustee Mark Carroll, Trustee Mark Gaffino, Trustee Mark Guethle, Village Clerk Lori Murray. Not in attendance: Trustee Mike Lowery.

Staff in attendance: Village Administrator Steve Bosco, Finance Director Bill Hannah, Community & Economic Development Director Mike Toth, Water Superintendent Paul Young, Police Chief Dave Summer, Village Attorney Kevin Drendel, Pete Iosue of Rempe Sharpe.


1. Concept Plan for 102 S. Lincolnway
Mr. John White addressed the Board regarding opening a motor vehicle repair shop at 102 S. Lincolnway in North Aurora. This would be a family business which would include Mr. White’s two sons who have over 20 years of experience in the field.

Trustee Carroll asked about the number of employees. White said that there will be 2 part time and 2 full time employees. This will increase as the business grows, Trustee Gaffino said that his only reservation is that the Village is trying to improve the look of Route 31. Community & Economic Development Director Mike Toth noted that there would be no storage of vehicles on the outside of the building. Mayor Berman said that the Village wanted the area to be for something other than an automotive use. Trustee Faber said that the concept goes against everything the Village has done up to this point. Faber added that the use should fit the area and didn’t believe that this would be a good fit. Trustee Curtis said she has seen some auto shops that have an upscale look such as Pep Boys and thought that this could work for the area. Gaffino said he would like to see the color of the building changed to more beige colors rather than the current red and blue. Trustee Carroll suggested a different façade or material for the building. White said he would be more than happy to work with the village to make those changes. The board was in favor of the concept on the condition that there would be no outside storage of cars.

2. Variance Request for 341 Western Ave
Trustees Gaffino and Guethle recused themselves from discussion of this item due to a conflict of interest. The petitioner, Aaron Anderson, 341 Western Drive, North Aurora, IL, constructed a playhouse in his back yard. It is an estimated 2-1/2 feet from the northern property line and 9 feet from the eastern property line. Variances are needed due to the deficiency in the interior side yard setback and to allow the structure to remain in the northern and eastern property public utility and drainage easements. A public hearing was held before the Plan Commission on December 6, 2016 and the variance was denied.

Mr. Anderson addressed the Board to request the variance. Anderson said that the structure is located 20-24 inches too close to the side lot line for a span of 10 feet and a foot too close to the rear yard lot line. Anderson said he was surprised that the HOA declined his application to build the playset since there are several other playsets in the subdivision that had been approved and did not meet requirements.

Trustee Carroll asked about the height of the structure. Anderson said that it will be 11 feet.

Trustee Curtis said that there are rules and regulations in place that need to be followed. Anderson said he did not think there were any regulations for playsets. Curtis said that since Mr. Anderson is on the Plan Commission, that he should have been aware.

Trustee Faber noted that Anderson began his project on Memorial Day and was told right away from the HOA that his application had been denied. Faber questioned why Anderson continued to build the playset. Faber added that the petitioner does not have a hardship and does not meet any of the requirements to approve a variance.

Mayor Berman then stated since the Board could not agree on the variance that Mr. Anderson would need to decide how he would want to proceed.

Carroll said that none of the neighbors have a problem with the exception of one person. Carroll added that the Board is always saying that it would be nice if neighbors worked out problems on their own instead of bringing it to the Board. Carroll said that if none of the neighbors have a problem with it then why should the Village Board. Faber said that is not how variances work and that the petitioner does not have hardship.

Berman said we have a procedure in place that allows the Board to grant waivers.

Faber said that if we do this it makes everyone we have denied in the process useless and everyone in the future we can’t say no to. Faber said this would be a precedent the Village would be setting.

Berman said he did not see the Board coming to any sort of resolution. Atty, Drendel said that if the application remains in place, that it would have to come before the Village Board for a vote.

3. Village’s Tax Increment Financing Districts
Staff requested direction from the Board on whether to move forward with investigating reconfiguring, re-establishing extending, combining or dissolving any of the TIF districts.
Pete Iosue of Teska Associates addressed the Board. Looked at the three TIF districts.

TIF District
TIF Name
# of Parcels TIF Start (Base Year) TIF Start (Base Value)
2015 EAV
2015 Increase in EAV
2015 TIF Tax Revenue
TIF End Year
Projected TIF Tax Revenue

TIF #1
Route 31



TIF #2


TIF #3
North Lincolnway



The table above illustrates that total EAV of all three of the existing TIF districts is below the total base value of each respective TIF district. This is problematic as a TIF district generates revenue from the property tax produced by the increase in EAV from the base value. However, all three TIF districts are generating positive increment as the revenue is calculated for each individual parcel within the TIF, and some parcels have increased exponentially in value even as the total value of the TIF district has decreased.

The Village can pursue extending the timeframe of one or more of the existing TIF Districts.
The Village may consider dissolving one or more of the existing TIF districts and creating a new TIF district in its place

4. Naming of North Aurora Riverfront Park
-Old Mill Park
-Crossroads Park
-Riverfront Park
-Schneiders Crossing
-Foundry Park
The above names were discussed as possible names for the North Aurora Riverfront Park. To be discussed further at an upcoming meeting.


Motion to adjourn made by Trustee Guethle and seconded by Trustee Faber. All in favor. Motion approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lori J. Murray
Village Clerk


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