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Plan Commission Minutes


Chairman Mike Brackett called the meeting to

In attendance: Chairman Mike Brackett, Commissioners Mark Rivecco, Anna Tuohy, Aaron Anderson, Tom Lenkart, Connie Holbrook, Mark Bozik, Doug Botkin. Not in attendance: Commissioner Jennifer Duncan.

Staff in attendance: Village Administrator Steve Bosco, Community & Economic Development Director Mike Toth, Village Clerk Lori Murray.

1. Approval of Plan Commission Minutes dated August 4, 2015
Motion for approval made by Commissioner Botkin and seconded by Commissioner Anderson. All in favor. Motion approved.

1. The Village of North Aurora requests a text amendment to Title 17 of the North
Aurora Municipal Code (Zoning Ordinance) relative to accessory buildings and authorized variations (Petition #15-04).
Chairman Brackett opened and closed the hearing so that it could be discussed further in New Business.

1. The Village of North Aurora requests a text amendment to Title 17 of the North
Aurora Municipal Code (Zoning Ordinance) relative to accessory buildings and authorized variations (Petition #15-04).
Mike Toth noted that all Plan Commission comments from previous meetings were incorporated into the accessory buildings and non-residential districts, such as Commissioner Bozik’s comments on elevations of exterior buildings in business districts which is addressed in item 8 of page 3. Page 2, with regard to the area of accessory buildings in residential districts was revamped to make it more property owner friendly. Instead of 80% of the footprint of the principal building and capping it for the combined square footage for both accessory buildings, it will now limit each individual accessory building to not exceed the actual principal structure and stay with the 10% of the zoning lot and the maximum lot coverage for each zoning district.

Toth said that in terms of authorized variations, there is no statutory need to have those authorized variances and will therefore remove this. It will allow any property owner the ability to apply for a variance for any of the zoning provisions.

Commissioner Botkin questioned the wording on page 2 (Accessory Buildings, #4) as to whether the section that reads, “exceed” should actually be “shall not exceed.” Toth confirmed that it should read, “shall not exceed.”

Commissioner Lenkart asked if 10% of the footprint is too much in terms of accessory buildings. Toth said it hasn’t been an issue. In comparison to what was adopted in 2013, which was 30% of the building envelope, the proposal of 10% is still more restrictive.

Lenkart asked the reasoning for allowing 2 accessory buildings in residential. Toth said it used to be unlimited. The Plan Commission kept it at 2.

In terms of Authorized Variations, Lenkart asked if there is a danger if the Village does not have strict guidelines for subjective approvals. Toth said that, statutorily, there is no requirement to have a set authorized list of variances. The standards and findings of fact are what need to be adhered to.

Motion made by Commissioner Rivecco and seconded by Commissioner Lenkart to accept the findings in the Staff Report with the correction of “shall not” on page 2 (Accessory Buildings, #4). Roll Call Vote: Rivecco – yes, Lenkart – yes, Anderson – yes, Tuohy – yes, Holbrook – yes, Bozik – yes, Botkin – yes. Motion approved (7-0).

2. Site Plan Approval – Orchard Commons Lot 8 (Hop Farm)
Toth noted that zoning has already been approved for Lot 8 for agricultural use.
Parker Grabowski, property owner of the proposed brewpub stated that harvest time for the hop farm will be four months. The hops will grow in May and be picked in August. For 3 years will use pesticides and after three years that will be discontinued and the farm will be organic. The farm will yield between 2,000 and 2,300 pounds of hops.

Commissioner Botkin asked if there will be a gate to the hop farm. Parker said there will be openings to the hop farm so that people can walk right into it from the brewery.

Commissioner Bozik noted his concern about safety if there is access off Deerpath Road due to the high traffic area. Bozik suggested an entrance off Tanner Road. Grabowski noted that traffic will not come off Deerpath Road because of the location of the hop farm.

Commissioner Lenkart asked if the property owner would have to come back for development of Lot 3. Toth said that the condition in the PUD states that when lot 8 develops they will have to come back for site plan approval.

Commissioner Tuohy asked when Grabowski planned on opening his business. Grabowski said it would be at the end of February/beginning of March. Tuohy noted her traffic concerns and asked about stop signs. Village Administrator Steve Bosco said that the County was more than happy to look into the possibility of a stop sign on Deerpath at Tanner Road.

Commissioner Rivecco suggested a condition that farm vehicles and equipment access off of Tanner or Madison and not Deerpath Road.

Motion for approval made by Commissioner Lenkart and seconded by Commissioner Rivecco with the condition regarding access of farm vehicles and equipment. Roll Call Vote: Rivecco – yes, Tuohy – yes, Holbrook – yes, Lenkart – yes, Bozik – yes, Botkin – yes, Anderson – yes. Motion approved (7-0)

3. Site Plan Approval – Orchard Gateway Industrial Development
Mike Toth said that a vote was needed for the OPUS building discussion from last month. Changes that were made:
Office façade facing northeast will have an entryway façade. The southeast office façade will also remain. Additional foundation landscaping was agreed to for both the north and south side. Nine (9) additional trees will be planted on the north and south elevations and there will be a 6-foot berm. There will be no trailer parking allowed. If a fence is installed, the developer will put up a fence that is of ornate detail.

Commissioner Anderson asked if there is a possibility to address the landscape requirements to increase them specifically for warehouse structures. Suggestion was to make landscaping denser. Commissioner Bozik referenced landscaping at the Liberty Commons property in Aurora between Route 59 and Eola Road, which was done extremely well and does not look like an industrial property.

Trustee Lenkart suggested the Village get a copy of Aurora’s landscape requirements.

Vote on the approval of the plan: Botkin – yes, Bozik – yes, Holbrook – yes, Lenkart – no, Anderson – yes, Tuohy – yes, Rivecco – yes. Motion approved (6-1).

4. Village Staff would like to solicit feedback from the Plan Commission relative to
land use classifications included in the business districts.
Review use in all B districts. Toth said that he is looking to eliminate some classifications and consolidate retail uses.

Commissioner Botkin asked if places of worship would be unable to be built in B1. Toth said that was correct since there are no B1 properties left in the Village. Toth added that places of worship could be built as a special permitted use in residential areas.

Outdoor recreation - Lenkart suggested removal of this in B1. Toth said he would eliminate this from B1 for safety reasons.

Contractor office – Lenkart suggested contractor office be permitted in B2 and B3.

Dance Studio in B1 – Lenkart suggested making it a special use in order to address parking and traffic concerns.

Community Center – Lenkart asked why this is a special use. Toth said he would change this to a special use in all districts.

Rivecco mentioned Wireless telecommunication antennas which is a permitted use if they use stealth technology. Rivecco said he likes this use as a special use and suggested the Village specify a stealth tower. Toth said the Village can get rid of the stealth technology and make everything a special use. Toth said he will check with the attorney regarding any federal provisions and make this a special use.


1. Project Updates
Petitioner came before the Board in October for the Oak and Orchard property which was once the proposal for Walmart. There is a reputable apartment developer interested in developing the eastern 17 acres with residential property. Will retain all of the right-of-way for commercial. This proposal was brought before the Village Board for a concept review. They will move forward with the PUD.

The developer approached the HOA for the abutting townhomes. The HOA was in favor of this and homeowners are happy with the proposal.


Motion to adjourn made by Commissioner Holbrook and seconded by Commissioner Bozik . All in favor. Motion approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lori J. Murray
Village Clerk

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