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Police Commission Minutes

June 25, 2015 at 18:00 hrs.


A motion was presented to commence with the scheduled meeting by Chairman Winscott and a second by Commissioner Jungels; the meeting commenced at 18:01 hrs.


In Attendance: Chairman Rodd Winscott and Commissioners Phil Jungels and Brian Reid.


• Approval of NAPD Commission meeting minutes from 28-May-2015 meeting. All present in favor.
• Approval of NAPD Commission Executive Session meeting minutes from 28-May-2015. All present in favor.


• The Commission was advised by NAPD Chief Summer that the North Aurora Village Council is unable to approve C. Klingberg as a Patrol Officer new hire as there is no money currently available in the budget to do so.
• On behalf of the North Aurora Police Commissioners Chairmen Winscott will send a written response to Chief Summer advising him that it is the Commissions understanding that the request for the hiring of a new officer has been rescinded until further notice. Furthermore, as of this date, the Commission had already begun background, poly and psych evaluations on candidate C. Klingberg. The Commission has agreed that the results of these evaluations will be valid for up to 90 days in the event that candidate C. Klingberg is on an active list in a ranking high enough for consideration at the time of the hiring request.
• NAPD orientation for new Patrol Officer Candidates is scheduled for 17-Jul-2015 at 7pm at Jewel Middle Scholl in North Aurora, IL.
• NAPD written testing for new Patrol Officer Candidates is scheduled for 18-Jul-2015 at 9am at Jewel Middle School in North Aurora, IL.
• Sargent Candidate testing will be conducted 11-Aug-2015 with oral assessments to follow on 22-Aug-2015 by panel.

A motion was made by Commissioner Jungels to adjourn the meeting this motion was seconded by Commissioner Winscott; all present in favor; Motion Approved. Meeting adjourned at 18:15hrs.

Respectfully Submitted,
Brian W. Reid/Secretary
North Aurora Police Commission

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