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Plan Commission Minutes

OCTOBER 7, 2014

Chairman Brackett called the meeting to order.

In attendance: Chairman Mike Brackett, Co-chairman Jennifer Duncan, Commissioners Doug Botkin, Mark Rivecco, Mike Brackett, Mark Bozik, Anna Touhy, Aaron Anderson, Connie Holbrook. Not in attendance: Commissioner Tom Lenkart.

Staff in attendance: Village Administrator Steve Bosco, Community & Economic Development Director Mike Toth, Village Clerk Lori Murray.

1. Approval of Plan Commission Minutes dated September 2, 2014
Motion for approval made by Commissioner Duncan and seconded by Commissioner Bozik. All in favor. Motion approved.

1. Petition #14-14 (161 S. Lincolnway): The petitioner requests a variance from Section 15.48.100(C)(2)(a) of the Sign Ordinance to allow a wall sign for an individual tenant in a multi-story/multi-tenant office building located in the B-3 Central Business District

Community & Economic Development Director Mike Toth noted that this item would go to the October 20th Village Board meeting for final approval.

(Commissioner Touhy arrived at 7:05 pm)

Staff recommended denial of the variance since it is a direct violation of the ordinance, there is no demonstrated hardship and a negative precedence could be established.

Chairman Brackett closed the public portion of the hearing.

(Commissioner Holbrook arrived at 7:08 p.m)

Touhy asked if other businesses have asked about putting up signs on these types of buildings in the past. Toth said that this was the first request since he started with the Village.

(Commissioner Anderson arrived at 7:10 p.m.)

Duncan said that if the Village decided to treat this as a variance, there are potentially 8 other businesses in the building that will be seeking the same and it would change the entire zoning for the building.

Motion made by Commissioner Bozik and seconded by Commissioner Touhy to accept the findings from Staff and deny the variance as requested. All in favor to deny the request for a variance. Motion approved.

2. Petition #14-15 (329 Airport Road): The petitioner requests a special use to allow Motor Vehicle Repair and/or Service in the O-R-I Research and Light Industrial District, pursuant to Section 17.10.2.A of the North Aurora Zoning Ordinance

John Whitehead, representing the petitioner, Richard Swan, requested a special use for a motor vehicle repair business in the ORI district. The remaining portion of the building (17,000 s.f.) would be utilized by Rennology Motor Sport.

There were no audience comments. Chairman Brackett closed the public portion of the hearing.

Touhy asked about waste disposal. Toth said that there is specific fluid disposal on site via a catch basin. Mr. Swan added that he recycles everything and that the recycled material is removed from the premises every two days.

Commissioner Botkin asked how long Mr. Swan has been in business. Mr. Swan stated since 2007.

Motion made by Commissioner Rivecco and seconded by Commissioner Bozik to approve the request as well as Staff’s findings. All in favor. Motion approved.

3. Petition #14-16: The petitioner requests an amendment to Section 10.2 of the Zoning Ordinance to allow Warehousing, Storage, and Distribution Facility as a permitted use in the O-R-I Research and Light Industrial District

There were no audience comments or questions. Chairman Bracket closed the public portion of the hearing.

Toth noted that this was a permitted use prior to the adoption of the new Zoning Ordinance. Toth also noted that there is a difference between warehousing, storage and distribution use versus a freight terminal use and both are separate uses in the Zoning Ordinance. Toth noted that the City of Aurora classifies warehousing, storage and distribution as a permitted use in the area directly adjacent to the Liberty site in North Aurora.

Commissioner Bozik asked if this would come in as straight zoning or as a PUD. Toth said as straight zoning.

Motion to recommend Staff findings made by Commissioner Touhy and seconded by Commissioner Duncan. All in favor. Motion approved.


1. Comprehensive Plan Update
Toth said that a Steering Committee workshop was planned for tomorrow night. A visioning workshop is planned for the end of October at the police station.

Commissioner Holbrook asked about the community center. Toth said that the removal of the activity center was discussed at the Village Board meeting. There were no objections to the demolition of the building and the parking area would remain.

Holbrook asked if there are any plans to replace the building. Bosco said that the Village will go to bid in November and approval of bids would take place in December. Removal of asbestos would be completed in January or February. It would take six weeks to demolish the building and seeding would take place in the spring.

The Comprehensive Plan will come out in the spring. When the response comes back to the Board, the Village will take the suggestions to a design consultant who will do a market analysis. This will determine what will be feasible. Bosco said that the Village has an objective that pertains to looking for an alternative site for an activity center. The Board has to answer what types of recreation the Village wants. Holbrook said that lots of parents are not happy with losing the Friday Nite Spot. Bosco said that the Village would look forward to partnering with them to discuss this further.

Chairman Brackett suggested salvaging as many historical items as possible.

There was no further discussion and Chairman Brackett closed the public hearing.

Motion to adjourn made by Commissioner Duncan and seconded by Commissioner Bozik. All in favor. Motion approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lori J. Murray
Village Clerk

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