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Development Committee Minutes


Trustee Guethle called the meeting to order.

Committee Members in attendance: Trustee Mark Guethle Trustee Mark Gaffino; Trustee Laura Curtis
Staff in attendance: Mike Toth, Community and Economic Development Director; Steve Bosco, Village Administrator; Cindy Torraco, Exec. Assistant

Motion made by Trustee Gaffino and seconded by Trustee Curtis to approve the January 15, 2014 Development Committee Minutes. All in Favor – Motion Approved

Bill Slaker commented on missing information from the Village’s website.


1. Discussion on recreational and utility trailers

Mike Toth noted that the Village had received a lot of feedback regarding the requirement for screening of recreational and utility trailers. It was noted that the screening provision was put in place with the approval of the new zoning ordinance in 2013. Toth did research with surrounding communities and noted most do not require screening, although some communities do, along with having limits on size and height, and noted that most of the municipalities have some differences.

Toth stated that there were no screening regulations prior to the approval of the new zoning ordinance and does not know why it was changed. Steve Bosco stated the adoption of the new zoning ordinance encompassed the entire ordinance and screening of trailers did not come up for individual discussion at that time. It was only after a complaint that it was determined that this screening requirement had been included in the new zoning ordinance.

Toth noted his memo outlined the language that would be removed to eliminate the screening requirement. Bosco noted the Village has received about a dozen complaints all related to the screening requirements, but no complaints about the quantity allowed or set back requirements.

Trustee Curtis stated she did not see a benefit to having the screening requirement and added that she was concerned that residents could put up some unsightly screening just to be in compliance. Trustee Gaffino noted that prior to the adopted 2013 zoning ordinance those residents without screening were previously in compliance and agreed that the screening requirements should be removed. Trustee Guethle stated they were all in agreement with regard to removing the screening requirements from the zoning ordinance.

2. Discussion on athletic and recreational uses

Toth said he would like to discuss athletic related uses in the Village and has examined the current land use classifications and parking provisions in the zoning ordinance for various athletic and recreational uses.

Toth noted a business recently opened and is operating as in indoor athletic training facility in the Village’s I-2 Industrial district. Currently the Zoning Ordinance prohibits indoor athletic training facilities in the I-1, I-2, and I-3 industrial districts unless associated with a club or lodge.
A club or lodge is currently a permitted use in the industrial district and should be a special use so that it can be looked at on a case by case issue with regard to use, noise and parking.

Bosco added that in the past, the Village has had a history of athletic tournaments held in the industrial district where there were many parking issues. With this review of athletic and recreational uses in the various districts, parking requirements would be addressed. Further, he noted that just because a use is authorized in a zoning district, a special use would allow the review on a case by case basis.

Staff was also approached by a current business looking to expand their current personal training facility that is located in the B-2 General Commercial District. This would require a special use, however, Toth noted he doesn’t see a need to regulate these as a special use.

Toth referred to his memo which outlines the key changes to the athletic and recreational uses. Toth noted he created a definition for indoor recreation and also noted these types of businesses are currently allowed in residential and could include a skating rink or bowling alley, which should not be allowed in residential.

Trustee Curtis commented that using old industrial buildings for athletic and recreation uses would be a great use of these aging buildings and that tournaments could be a boost to the local economy. Toth also noted that when these types of businesses are open in the evenings, surrounding businesses would be closed making more parking available.

Trustee Gaffino stated he was not against these types of businesses in the industrial district.

Trustee Guethle asked if there were any batting cages connected with an athletic training facility and Toth noted that the Fire District would have to review the business for occupancy and the Village would have to review for any building issues. Noting any batting cages or baseball diamonds would be considered a different use. Trustee Guethle noted that the Committee was in favor of reviewing these text amendments


Toth noted staff received great direction from the Strategic Planning session. Toth noted he and Bosco will be meeting with Houseal Lavigne to discuss the Comprehensive Plan.

Trustee Guethle brought up the Rt. 31 watermain and Bosco noted the cost to bring the watermain under the road to the west side of Rt. 31 would be approximately $100,000. He noted staff was looking into possible grant funding for this. Currently the issue is the narrow and restrictive R.O.W. on Rt. 31.

Trustee Gaffino asked about any update on the Dunkin Donuts. Toth noted they have not seen any activity since the sign variance.




Trustee Gaffino made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Trustee Curtis

All in Favor – Motion Approved
Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Cindy Torraco
Executive Assistant

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