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Plan Commission Minutes

MAY 6, 2014

Co-Chairman Jennifer Duncan called the meeting to order.

In attendance: Co-Chairman Jennifer Duncan, Commissioners Mark Bozik, Connie Holbrook, Mark Rivecco, Mark Carroll, Aaron Anderson and Anna Tuohy. Not in attendance: Chairman Mike Brackett, Commissioner Tom Lenkart.

Staff in attendance: Community & Economic Development Director Mike Toth, Village Administrator Steven Bosco.

1. Approval of Plan Commission Minutes dated April 1, 2014
Motion for approval made by Commissioner Rivecco and seconded by Commissioner Tuohy. All in favor. Motion approved.

1. Petition #14-06 The Village of North Aurora requests a text amendment to Title 17.8.2.A of the North Aurora Municipal Code (Zoning Ordinance) to allow Day Care Centers, Adult or Child in the B3 – Central Business District as a special use
Mike Toth said that Staff is looking to include day cares for adults and children as a special use in the B3 district. The use is currently prohibited. Commissioner Tuohy asked if Polka Dot Dragon is currently grandfathered in. Toth said yes. Commissioner Bozik asked why the use in the requested text amendment was not included in the B3 district to begin with and how this compares to other communities. Toth said that the use varies throughout communities. Duncan asked if the activity center is in the B3 district. Toth said no and that the B3 district ends at Route 56 & 31. Motion to approve petition 14-06 made by Commissioner Tuohy and seconded by Commissioner Rivecco. All in favor. Motion approved.

Village Administrator Steven Bosco noted that Suzanne Starble and Debbie Patterman of Share and Care were in attendance.

2. Petition #14-07 (12 John St.) Special Use to allow a Child Day Care Center in the B-3 Central Business District, pursuant to Section 17.8.2 of the North Aurora Zoning Ordinance
Tuohy said that she believed it would cause a hardship for the owner if this was not approved. Motion made by Commissioner Holbrook and seconded by Commissioner Carroll to approve petition 14-07 subject to staff recommendations. All in favor. Motion approved.

3. Petition #14-08 (335 & 343 Lake Run Lane) A variance to allow a reduced rear yard setback in the E-3 Estate Standard District, pursuant to Chapter 7 of the North Aurora Zoning Ordinance
Petitioner was present in the audience. Toth said petitioner is looking to consolidate both lots to construct a 2,760 s.f. ranch home. The zoning changed since the time when the subdivision was originally approved. The floor plan fits on the property well. Toth noted that he took measurements from the permit information and at time of platting and approval, setbacks were 45 feet in the front and 45 in the rear. All of the homes along Lake Run Lane are 45 feet in the front yard. If the petitioner were to meet the 40 foot setback in the front and back by pushing the house to the west, he would actually be putting the house five feet in front of all of the houses on the street. Setbacks are more detrimental in the front yard than they are in the rear yard. Toth recommended approval of the variation.

Motion made by Commissioner Bozik and seconded by Commissioner Carroll to approve the variance on petition #14-08 as recommended by Staff. All in favor. Motion approved.



*Comprehensive Plan Workshop will be held on May 21st at the Police Department. This meeting will be open to the public.

*A Plan Commission workshop will be held on June 5th from 7-9:30.

*The text amendments from the last meeting were approved unanimously by the Village Board. (Indoor athletic and recreational use amendment and trailer screening amendment).

*The hotel development plan (Fairfield Marriot) on the west side of Orchard Road will come before the Plan Commission in July.

*Clocktower Plaza has been sold to another developer.

Motion to adjourn made by Commissioner Bozik and seconded by Commissioner Duncan. All in favor. Motion approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lori J. Murray
Village Clerk

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