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Plan Commission Minutes

JANUARY 7, 2014

CALL TO ORDER – 7:00 pm
Chairman Brackett called the meeting to order.

In attendance: Chairman Mike Brackett, Commissioners Jennifer Duncan, Mark Rivecco, Aaron Anderson, Tom Lenkart, Mark Bozik, Connie Holbrook, Anna Tuohy. Not in attendance: Chairman Mark Carroll.

Staff in attendance: Village Administrator Steven Bosco and Community and Economic Development Director Mike Toth.

1. Approval of Plan Commission Minutes dated October 1, 2013
Motion for approval made by Commissioner Lenkart and seconded by Commissioner Rivecco. All in favor. Motion approved.

Chairman Brackett opened the public hearing. All petitioners were sworn in at this time.

1. 1045 Orchard Road – Special use to allow an Animal Hospital and Veterinary
Clinic in the B2 PUD General Business District Planned Unit Development (Petition #14-01)
Commissioner Tuohy asked how the petitioner would be fielding hazardous medical waste. The petitioner said that a company would come out every month or two months and rid the site of such waste. Commissioner Rivecco noted that it appeared the tenant would be occupying one tenant space and asked if future expansion would require another special use. Toth said that they would be required to come back before the Plan Commission and Village Board for a special use. Commissioner Anderson asked if the tenant space has been approved other than just the shell. The developer said that it is currently just a shell and he would be handling the buildout. Commissioner Anderson asked if the developer used union trades. The developer said that he is a general contractor. He has built other strip centers and does not use union subcontractors. Commissioner Lenkart asked about medical waste and if there are large enough receptacles to hold the waste. The veterinarian said that receptacles are for syringes, gauze and anything else that may be blood contaminated. Lenkart asked if the other tenants have expressed any concern about noise. The developer said that he uses 6-inch sound proof walls instead of 4-inch. Toth said he spoke with the building inspector today and that would be acceptable.

Mike Toth said that this business would function more as a veterinary clinic rather than an animal hospital. It will be an outpatient facility and there will be no boarding of animals at the site. Toth asked about the vacancy rate at the Orchard Crossing Center. The property owner said it is just over 50%. Toth said this is a use that is willing to invest in the area and a use that already functions in a multi-tenant building. Chairman Brackett asked the petitioner about his other facilities. The petitioner said that he has a facility in Crystal Lake and another in South Elgin.

Motion made by Commissioner Duncan and seconded by Commissioner Bozik to approve the special use to allow an animal use and veterinary clinic in the B2 PUD subject to conditions in the staff report. Roll Call Vote: Holbrook – yes, Rivecco – yes, Duncan – yes, Tuohy – yes, Anderson – yes, Lenkart – yes, Bozik – yes. Motion approved. (7-0).

2. 241 Genesis Drive – A variance, pursuant to Section 15.48.100 of the North
Aurora Sign Ordinance, to allow a wall sign to exceed the maximum allowable square footage (Petition #14-02)
Dunkin Donuts has asked for a variation to the wall sign to the east. Staff is supportive of the sign variance. Community and Economic Development Director Mike Toth noted that this business is set back over 250 feet from Orchard Road.

Steve Kolber state that his franchisee was excited about the North Aurora location but the corporate office was stringent on signage requirements, but was able to scale down the signage on the side of the building.

Chairman Brackett said he felt the signage looked good and fit the building. Commissioner Anderson said that signage is typically designed for the street address side of the building and the address for this location is Genesis Drive although Dunkin Donuts would want to market to Orchard Road. The Plan Commission was in agreement that the sign ordinance should be reviewed so that it works in the best interest of the businesses in the Village. Commissioner Duncan asked, if the variance is allowed and the Village changes the ordinance, how would it affect the petitioner? Toth said that the petitioner would be covered. In this particular case, the Village would amend the PUD for the center. Commissioner Anderson asked if there have been any other requests for variances for signage in this center. Toth said no.

Motion made by Commissioner Anderson and seconded by Commissioner Holbrook to approve the variance. Roll Call Vote: Duncan – yes, Bozik – yes, Carroll – yes, Rivecco – yes, Lenkart – no, Tuohy – yes, Anderson – yes, Holbrook – yes. Motion approved (8-0).

1. Comprehensive Plan Update
Mike Toth said that he and Village Administrator Steven Bosco are working with CMAP to proceed with the update to the Comprehensive Plan. It was last updated in 2006 with Teska. Three consulting groups have been interviewed and will have official word before the next meeting on which group has been selected. The grant from CMAP is up to $100,000.


Motion to adjourn made by Commissioner Lenkart and seconded by Commissioner Duncan. All in favor. Motion approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Lori J. Murray
Village Clerk

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