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Development Committee Minutes


Trustee Guethle called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.

Committee Members in attendance:, Trustee Mark Gaffino; Trustee Guethle
Staff in attendance: Mike Toth, Community and Economic Development Director; David Summer, Interim Administrator; Cindy Torraco, Exec. Assistant
Absent: Trustee Laura Curtis

Motion made by Trustee Guethle and seconded by Trustee Gaffino to approve the April 17, 2013 Development Committee Minutes. All in Favor – Motion Approved


1. Discussion on Zoning Text Amendment pertaining to Massage Establishments

Mike Toth noted that Massage Establishments are currently allowed as a special use in B-1 and staff is suggesting that the zoning ordinance be amended to allow for them in B-2 General Commercial District and B-3 Central Business District. As Massage Establishments are licensed by the State of Illinois, the Village does not really have any grounds to deny them in these districts, from a zoning standpoint. By definition salons, barber shops, spas etc. are all permitted, but massage establishments are not. Toth noted he has been approached by someone looking to open an establishment in Chesterfield Plaza on Butterfield Road. Trustees Guethle and Gaffino concurred.

2. Discussion on Zoning Text Amendment pertaining to Outdoor Dining

Toth noted that a number of businesses have expressed an interest in providing outdoor dining, including Raimondo’s, Oak Street Restaurant, and Run-Away Restaurant. Currently the Zoning Ordinance covers restaurants and outdoor dining separately. This was discussed at the Plan Commisison and they suggested we make outdoor dining a permitted use. Toth noted standards would need to be established in the same manner as the outdoor supplemental liquor license. Currently, if outdoor dining is allowed as a special use, this would be based on certain conditions. If these conditions are outlined in the zoning standards, instead of requiring a special use, then we would not have to go through the whole public hearing process. Trustee Gaffino asked what would signify outdoor dining, and noted Weedee’s has a couple picnic tables outside. Trustee Guethle asked about music and noise. Toth noted that as long as they were not creating a nuisance there should be no problems and stated he will explore the noise standards in detail with regards to outdoor entertainment, as it may be regulated separately. Toth further noted that if outdoor dining is a permitted use, this can draw more people to North Aurora.


Trustee Gaffino wanted to address the issue of trailers parked in yards / driveways. Toth noted Code Enforcement has issued citations. He noted that the issue comes down to definitions and the definitions of commercial vehicles is weak. The Village needs a way to enforce non-motorized commercial vehicles for trailers and should be addressed with concrete definitions in the code. Toth noted if there is one report of a trailer parked in an area, code enforcement investigates the entire neighborhood. Toth noted he will publish for a Text Amendment for the next Plan Commission meeting in August.

Trustee Guethle asked about pools and code enforcement of them. Toth noted that there will be information posted on the Village’s website and also in the newsletter regarding the code and regulations that pertain to swimming pools.





Trustee Gaffino made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Trustee Guethle

All in Favor – Motion Approved

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 a.m.

Respectfully submitted

Cindy Torraco
Executive Assistant

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