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Plan Commission Minutes

AUGUST 6, 2013

CALL TO ORDER – 7:00 pm
Chairman Brackett called the meeting to order.

In attendance: Chairman Mike Brackett, Co-chairman Jennifer Duncan, Commissioners Connie Holbrook, Mark Rivecco, Mark Bozik, Tom Lenkart, Mark Carroll, Anna Touhy, Aaron Anderson.

Staff in attendance: Community & Economic Development Director Mike Toth, Village Clerk Lori Murray, Community Development intern Laura Rose.

1. Approval of Plan Commission Minutes dated July 2, 2013
Motion for approval made by Commissioner Duncan and seconded by Commissioner Bozik. All in favor. Motion approved.

1. The Village of North Aurora requests a text amendment to Title 17, Section 15,
Chapter 8 of the North Aurora Municipal Code (Zoning Ordinance) specifically regulating Massage Establishments and Outdoor Dining (Petition #13-12)

Commissioner Lenkart mentioned that the zoning ordinance states that the State of Illinois would regulate massage establishments, but that on page 5, it also references the Village. Lenkart asked if the Village has people trained to monitor these businesses. Toth said the police would assist in monitoring.

Toth noted that Massage Envy is looking at space in the Town Center.

Chairman Brackett said that the only change to the Staff recommendations was to remove item D as a restriction.

Motion made by Commissioner Lenkart and seconded by Commissioner Carroll to accept the changes to the text amendment and remove item 11.2.10D. All in favor.
Motion approved (9-0).

2. The Village of North Aurora requests a text amendment to Title 17, Section 15 of
the North Aurora Municipal Code (Zoning Ordinance) relative to utility trailers. (Petitioner #13-13)
Toth said that the Development Committee suggested prohibiting utility vehicles as we would commercial trailers in residential areas. The Plan Commission noted their concerns regarding how the Village would identify a trailer being used for commercial purposes compared to recreational trailers. Commissioner Carroll suggested the Village proposed a time period that a utility trailer is allowed to be in place. Motion made by Commissioner Bozik and seconded by Commissioner Rivecco to accept Staff’s findings with the change of separating commercial, personal and recreational. All in favor. Motion approved.

1. Village Staff would like to solicit feedback from the Plan Commission relative to
text amendments relative to Chapter 12 of the Zoning Ordinance “Site Development Standards”.
Laura Rose said that Staff had looked at Chapter 12 of the Zoning Ordinance and completed some revisions that will make the standards more enforceable. At this point, Staff asked for input from the Plan Commission.

Accessory Buildings - Commissioner Holbrook said that in section 12.3, Accessory Buildings, the extension to a 20 foot height is excessive. Rose said that the concern would be resolved since the Village is restricting the height not to exceed the height of the primary building. Lenkart asked why this was necessary. Toth said that the Village already allows 20-foot high garages. The average is 15 feet. This would allow the Village another tool to regulate the height of the principal structure.

Holbrook asked if there is anything that would prevent someone from building two garages. Toth said that the combined square footage of the accessory building(s) could not exceed 80% of the primary building. Toth said that each residential zoning district has a certain lot coverage ratio. Could not have more than 35% of the yard covered with any structure.

Common ownership - Commissioners Rivecco and Lenkart suggested keeping wording in the zoning ordinance regarding allowing for common ownership and common lots.

Fences – Toth said the front yard and corner yards would be restricted to wrought iron or galvanized metal fencing. In these areas, board-on-board or chain link would not be permitted.

Commissioner Carroll said he has a problem with the Plan Commission telling people what type of material they can use on their personal property.

Toth said he would reword this and bring it back to the Plan Commission for review.

Playground equipment – Staff took out the restriction for 5 feet off the lot line. Lenkart said that if it is a big playground structure it has to be more than 5 feet from the lot line.

Growing of farm and garden crops - Rivecco said he was not supportive of the change regarding the growing of farm and garden crops. Rivecco noted that a garden supports a plant that is edible in some way and therefore how can this be enforced? Toth said he would remove this section from the zoning ordinance.

Outdoor storage – max display of storage area shall not exceed 10% of the gross floor space. Commissioner Bozik suggested 25% of the available outdoor space. The Commission requested this be brought back in sections for further discussion.

The Plan Commission requested the zoning ordinance continue to be discussed at another meeting.

Mike Toth mentioned that LaFarge is looking to do an expansion and that would be coming to the Plan Commission in the next couple of months.

Motion to adjourn made by Commissioner Holbrook and seconded by Commissioner Lenkart. All in favor. Motion approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lori J. Murray
Village Clerk

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