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Development Committee Minutes






Trustee Gaffino called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.


Committee Members in attendance:, Trustee Mark Gaffino; Trustee Laura Curtis

Staff in attendance: Mike Toth, Community and Economic Development Director; Steve Bosco, Village Administrator; Cindy Torraco, Exec. Assistant

Absent: Trustee Mark Guethle


Motion made by Trustee Guethle and seconded by Trustee Gaffino to approve the July 17, 2013 Development Committee Minutes.  All in Favor – Motion Approved


  1. Discussion on 2009 International Code Council Building Code Editions

Mike Toth stated the 2009 one and two-family dwelling code was formally adopted by the board last year, although all of the other codes the Village has adopted are 2006 versions.  The issue is the Village has been enforcing all of the 2009 International Code Series, but only the one and two-family dwelling code had been formally adopted.  Staff is looking to bring North Aurora up to speed by adopting all of the 2009 codes that are currently being enforced.  Toth noted the 2009 codes are in line with what surrounding communities are enforcing.

Trustee Gaffino asked if there were any significant changes from the 2006 codes to the 2009.  Toth noted there is a change for construction with regard to drywall and fireproofing. Trustee Curtis stated she wouldn’t want to see anything more restrictive for construction.

Toth noted the Village is already enforcing the 2009 codes and noted 2006 codes were enforced when Towne Centre was built and the new building in Towne Centre is being allowed to follow 2006 codes so there is no undue burden on this development.

Steve Bosco noted that he and Mike Toth had a discussion and agreed the 2012 International Code series is somewhat prohibitive and felt it is best to adopt the 2009 codes at this time.

Trustee Gaffino asked if there were any liability issues or safety issues, and if the 2009 Codes were more advanced from a safety standpoint.

Toth noted there are a number of changes from the 2006 to the 2009 codes and staff is looking to formally adopt the 2009 codes to be in keeping with what is already being enforced.

Trustees Gaffino and Curtis were in agreement.







Trustee Curtis asked Toth if he could provide a summary of what he has been working on for Economic Development.   Toth noted he has been spending time getting up to speed with the zoning ordinance amendments in order to make it more business friendly.  Further, he noted he was also waiting for the new administrator to be hired.  Bosco stated they will be discussing the comprehensive plan and goals.  Further he noted that Toth has been aggressive in getting these text amendments completed in order to help businesses and make it easier for new businesses.

Trustee Gaffino said he would like a weekly or monthly update on what’s going on with developments so he can be informed when residents question him.  He would like to see certain types of restaurants, not as high-end as the Turf Room, however, restaurants other than fast-food.   Toth noted he has done some cold calling and referenced the Massage Envy that is interested in Towne Centre.

Trustee Curtis complimented Toth on the job he has done so far and Trustee Gaffino also offered his compliments. 


Trustee Curtis made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Trustee Gaffino

All in Favor – Motion Approved

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted

Cindy Torraco
Executive Assistant

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