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North Aurora Days Committee Minutes

North Aurora Days Committee Meeting

April 24, 2013

7:05 meeting called to order

Mark Gaffino welcomed committee.

1. Crossway Chapel will not be able to help out with volunteers this year. That will leave us pretty short on volunteers especially with parking at Mooseheart (will mainly affect race). Need to reach out to community for volunteers/participation.

Craig W. reported on website updates. He is going to enable “buttons” on website and also all forms for participation in all events will be available for download online. Anyone who needs forms for their event, please let the Website committee know ASAP. Also, please inform committee of any changes to any events this year so that all information can be changed to be correct.

Please email any updates to

Jim L. reported that the over the road sign is ready. All dates have been changed on signs and banners. He would like to get the big banner (hangs over Rt 56 by Village Hall) up before June 2, 2013 – the date of the Community Parade. He is also working on getting quotes for magnets/save the date to hand out at the parade.

Sharon H. reported that the garage sale is being worked on. She is going to work with Jim and Craig on applications.

Sharon also reported on the French Market – will be held at Mooseheart Field House. She is going to increase cost of booth for vendors to $45. The Past & Present Shop will sponsor the French Market this year.

*** Remove co-sponsor of Beacon News from garage sale application.

Bill H. reported for sponsorships. To date, we have 15 sponsors totaling $6,750.00 already pledged/received. We already have 5 new sponsors this year.

Max H. reported no changes so far from this last year to this year. Everything will be the same as last year unless he is otherwise notified.

Bob S. reported he is working on negations with Euclid Beverage for beer tent. The tent is reserved with lighting.

Bob also reported on softball – information needs to be put up on the website.

Doug B. reported that publicity is going well. It’s too early for signage. He is going to work on insert for water bill – needs to be submitted by June 5, 2013.

Chris F. reported that the 5K/10K race will be follow same format as last year – no changes.

Chris C. reported on ice cream eating contest. Would like to move event to Touch a Truck. Mark will look into possible conflict with the ice cream vendor at Mooseheart. Sign up will be 10-11:30am; 12:00 contest – all done by 1pm.

Maryann H. reported on car show – no changes from last year. Will have flyers ready by next month. Has contract for DJ and she will drop off at the Village Hall for approval.

Volunteers will be directed to website. Mark G. will compile master list and we see where the biggest need is and assign from there. Will put advertisement on NAAC board looking for volunteers.

Fireworks are set for both nights.

Miscellaneous notes
All publicity goes through Doug.
Each event chairperson will be provided a First Aid kit
Any updates for website, please email to

Next meeting will be May 29, 2013 at 7pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:57pm.

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