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Plan Commission Minutes

CALL TO ORDER – 7:00 pm
Chairman Brackett called the meeting to order.

In attendance: Co-chairman Mike Brackett, Co-Chairman Jennifer Duncan, Commissioner Mark Rivecco, Commissioner Connie Holbrook, Commissioner Mark Bozik, Commissioner Tom Lenkart. 

Staff In attendance: Village Administrator Wes Kornowske, Community Development Director Scott Buening, Village Clerk Lori Murray

APPROVE MINUTES - September 6, 2011
Motion for approval made by Commissioner Duncan and seconded by Commissioner Rivecco. All in favor. Motion approved.


Scott Buening asked the Plan/Zoning Commission, in light of the petition for the used car sales business, if the Commission wanted to leave the zoning as a special use in the B3 district or as a special use in the B2 district. The Commission decided to eliminate it from the B3 district.


Page 2 
As requested by Commissioner Duncan, Buening said he would break down the longer sentences in section G into two sentences so that it is easier to read. 

Duncan said that the last sentence references vehicles that are no longer in use or operation. Duncan asked if there is a time limit as to when a vehicle is considered abandoned. Buening said it would depend on the circumstance. In most cases, if the vehicle is not currently licensed and not operational, it is considered abandoned. 

Page 3 
Section 13.2A – Word change from “loading birth” to “loading space”. 

(Tom Lenkart arrived).
In the section noting “replacement of pavement” Buening said he would omit the reference to replacement of new binder and surface courses. 

Page 4 
Buening said he would make sure that agreements are recorded so that they run with the land and not the owner. 

Section 13.7 – The last line should read “either” instead of “any”. Wes Kornowske said “or” would be included in the wording. 

Page 7
Buening said that there would need to be discussion regarding driveway widths. It is currently 16 feet at the property and 21 feet at the curb. The Village is looking to increase that to 20 feet wide at the property line and 23 feet at the curb. This will be addressed at the next Plan Commission meeting in the form of a text amendment. 

Page 8
Surfacing (C3) – a question was asked about semi-cereous material. Buening said it refers to pavers. Bozik questioned approval being subject to the approval by the Village engineer. Buening it would be changed to subject to approval by the Village. 

Page 11
13.12 – Change in wording from “wave runner” to “watercraft”.

Page 12
Amusement park – Rivecco asked if the parking of 1 per 500 feet was linear or square feet. Buening said it would be square feet. 

Page 13 
Funeral home parking – Buening said he would change the parking to be at 20 spaces and 12 additional per room. 

Page 14
Mining – Buening said he would change the parking spaces to 1 per 5,000 s.f. 

Page 15
Buening said he would change all references of “loading berths” to “loading spaces”. 


Page 1
14.2A – Commissioner Duncan asked if the landscape plan required was only for single or two-unit dwellings. Buening said it applied to single residential. 

Page 2
Section 14.2C – wording change from “might” to “may”.

Section 14.3B – American Association of Nursery. Commissioner Rivecco said he believed the association no longer existed.

Page 3
Buening said he would omit section “G”. 

Lenkart asked if the Village would be getting 2-1/2 or 3-inch diameter trees. Wes Kornowske said the Village would be getting 2-1/2 diameter trees for the parkways. This will be changed in the Zoning Ordinance as well as the Subdivision Control Ordinance. 

Page 8 
Section 14.8A1 – Buening to change height of fence not to exceed 12 feet. 

C3 – Buening said he would talk to the consultant to clarify what is meant by a pedestrian wall as well as what types of materials are used for this wall. 

(Commissioner Lenkart left the meeting)

Page 9
Section 14.10A – Community Development Director shall be he decision maker. 

Page 11
14.11A – Duncan said the height should be not less than 6 feet but no more than 8 feet. 

Brackett asked what was meant by gated on all sides. Buening said it should say gated on all sides except the fourth side. 

Page 12 
C2 – Buening said that section C2 will be titled “Outdoor Sales and Display.” 


Page 4
D1 – Commissioner Rivecco noted that in reference to the section referring to uncontrolled damage or destruction of the structure, other towns have a subcategory for residential which allows for one to rebuild as long as the nonconformity is not worse. Buening said the Village is trying to bring houses that are currently non-conforming to a conforming status and that he would look into additional language for this section. 

Commissioner Bozik said that some communities offer 50% of the value or 50% of the structure in terms of replacement value. 

Page 5
Strike item C. 

Page 6 

Page 4 - Duplication of the word “block.” Buening said will use the second definition of “block”. 

Page 20 – Rivecco noted that Jet Ski is a brand name of Kawasaki and that the term “personal water craft” should be used. Kornowske said it would be changed this to read, “Any unit used for water travel”. 

Swimming pool – Rivecco questioned what type of device would be considered a swimming pool as well as the size of the device. Buening said the definition would mirror the building code. Buening said he would look at the definition in the building code to make sure it mirrors the definition in the zoning ordinance.

Page 22 – “sexually oriented business” to be changed to “adult oriented business.”

Rivecco noted that Chapter 12, page 11 refers to growing of farm and garden crops. Rivecco stated that the issue with this is being unable to distinguish between some crops and perennials. Rivecco said that this section is very restrictive and the Village will not have the ability to truly enforce it. Kornowske said this could be allowed at this level and will see what the Village Board says. 

Buening said he would compile all of the comments and forward them to the consultants. A revised document would be ready for the next plan commission meeting. There will be a public hearing on the document and from there it will go to the Village Board. 

Motion to adjourn made by Commissioner Rivecco and seconded by Commissioner Duncan. All in favor. Motion approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lori J. Murray
Village Clerk

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